Poet Duo Cause Ruckus in Bookstore

Live in concert, this Saturday afternoon only, meet the freshest poet duo to grace Mosaic’s aisles since… well, this will be the first poet duo I’ve ever hosted, but I’m sure their visit will go down in infamy. Your first impression of Jake and Kevin may run something like, “Look at those swell fellows! I should invite them over for a glass of scotch and game of Mahjong!”, but be warned; when your guard is down, out come razor sharp shuriken-like words that will SHRED YOUR MIND. In a good way. Both English professors at the Okanagan College, Kevin and Jake have meddled frequently with Kelowna’s budding poetry scene, their efforts seen through poetry slams, book launches and literary discussions.

For their Mosaic debut, Kevin and Jake will be discussing, signing, and juggling their recent collections of poetry. However, you should know that this book signing may actually be cover for a more insidious scheme. Jake and Kevin are assembling a community-written novel titled Death Valley, and will be soliciting scribbles from event attendees, passersby, and anyone within lasso reach. If not to witness a true bromance in action, or to hear some truly innovative minds at work, come on by and help create a work of fiction that will leave the masses exclaiming, “Hrrrrrrm?”

As there are three works up for the taking, and I don’t think Awesome Okanagan needs to be dominated by a mile long collection of book reviews, check out our site for more information on Jake and Kevin’s notorious notables.

As a final, below the belt attempt at snagging a crowd for this event, I’d like to share the last line of Kevin’s recent email communication with me regarding tomorrow: “In anticipation of the event, I’ve already sent my translucent Batman costume to the cleaners!” Lookin’ forward to it, Kevin.

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