Being Proud Makes History During Pride Week

“Any kind of love is fine, it’s your hate that you have to watch,” speaks Margaret Cho in her now infamous line from her 2004 live DVD CHO Revolution. It appears our lovely and progressive region is finally starting to agree. For the first time in Kelowna history, the Pride flag (shown above, left) is flying at City Hall, August 8—15, 2011.

The mural (pictured above right) is on the side of The Centre, a focal point for the LGBT community in the Okanagan, located kitty-corner to City Hall. The mural was created thanks to the help of a public art grant from the City of Kelowna during our 2009 Pride Celebrations. The artwork was done by the talented Scott Tobin.

Look forward to all the Okanagan Pride activities in City Park this Saturday August 13th!

For a list of events and happenings, visit for more details.

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