Fight for the Farm: iPhone App

Local, Ryan Donn, has shared this article with us this week.

Kelowna iPhone app developer, Will Walczak, is selling the farm. Well he’s at least selling an iPhone game about a farm. In production for over a year his app “Cropduster: Fight for the Farm” was launched in the Apple App store last week.

The games influences include: Farmville, Flight control, and Angry Birds. In the interview below, Walczak explains how living in Kelowna impacted the games design and characters. Discover who the characters are named after, why our local agriculture had a significant impact on the games farming theme, and how to fight for the farm. Get the free version from the app store at the following link:

Click the video below to learn more about the creative brainchild behind one of the Okanagan’s first iPhone game application.

Game Description:

Help Farmer Fred survive the worst farming disasters he’s seen in all his farmin’ years. This year the weeds, crows, beetles and gophers think they can spoil his chances at a fine harvest! Prove them wrong and take your high flying, fast shootin’, water dropping, gopher plugging team and fight off those angry critters.

Chopper Dan and Seeder Steve are the hardest working team of airplanes on any farm. Guide them to help out Farmer Fred by seeding, and keeping away all the nasty creatures that would love to destroy his crop.

Fight through puzzles, endurance tests, tricky tight terrain, and downright critter chaos to survive the first full season farming game.

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