Parkinson Superwalk

The Parkinson Society of Canada funds much of the Canadian research on this, the second largest neurodegenerative disease. $1.3 million dollars was invested last year by the society, as well as another $15 million secured from other sources, into research, funding a whopping 24 projects.

Parkinsons, for those of us that don’t know is a result of low dopamine production in the brain causing degeneration to those areas. Michael J. Fox is perhaps the most common person to come to mind in Canadian’s when they hear the name of this disease, but for those of us that watch it slowly take away a loved one we know the true outreach of its infection.

The Parkinson Superwalk is the largest fundraiser for the society in Canada, and two of these walks are set to take place in the Okanagan. Participants get sponsors, and do a walk, walking being something that parkinsons eventually takes away from it’s victims, along a specific route. This years online sponsorship to walkers and teams is already over 750 000 dollars which could lead to one of the most successful years to date.

The Okanagan walks include; Kelowna on Saturday Sept 10th at 9 AM in the Waterfront Park (at the concession Plaza), and Salmon Arm on Saturday Sept 17th at the McGuire lake Park at 9:00 AM. There is still time to sign up and raise funds, or to pledge a walker. To find out more about the Super walk check out the website.

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