Shambhala 2011 pics, hugs, & a peak at all the fun

SHAMBHA-HUG by DJs JPod The Beat Chef, Stickybuds, Vancouver’s Timothy Wisdom, & Chewbacca.

We’re back! We’re now fully rested, energized, & inspired by our annual trip to Shambhala Music Festival. It is hard not to smile when surrounded by so much unreal art, beauty, friends, & incredible music.

Festival highlights include 5 non-stop sunny days, no long lineups, elaborate group costumes, burlesque, visits to the beach, dancing under the rain-free skies at six themed stages including Fractal Forest‘s “Year of The Flower” (WOW), and new Shambhala goodies like their Ambassador dome, art galleries, gardens, car-free camping zones, and an ever amazing & expanding team of beautiful people.

Performance highlights from the Kelowna-based folks including killer set by Stickybuds, JPod, Disco Dave, Paullie Wood, JGirl & Manousos w/Dani Lion, Nixie, BreO, Excision, Datsik, Downlink, & SaTurn (hoop). This is one of the biggest Kelowna representations in years.

Congratulations to Letisha & Andy who held an intimate wedding ceremony onsite on Friday August 5, 2011.

Our friends at Clear Images Photog snapped the festival. Peak at their Flickr soon for hundreds of photos.

And the countdown to next year’s magic begins again. 50 weeks until Shambhala 2012! Take a trip down memory lane by listening to:
Stickybuds’ Fractal Forest 2011 mix
JPod The Beat Chef’s Grass & Gospel mix

Photos by TDano

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