A-OK DJ Mixtape: Stickybuds’ Fractal Forest Mix – Shambhala 2011

Mix Photo Courtesy of Leah Gair  www.flickr.com/photos/-lg

Sunday night at Shambhala was huge this summer for Kelowna local DJ Stickybuds. He played 2 hours of funky music to a massive screaming crowd as the sun set in the magical Fractal Forest. This Mixtape is from Tyler’s set and is filled with party jams, original tunes, floor killing edits, & unreleased jems from fellow Good Groove producers, Ghetto Funk, & other pals.

Clean Air Clean Country – Mista Savona Ft. Burro Banton  (Stickybuds Remix)
West Coast Bass Killer – Stickybuds
Police Killa – Javier Morillas  (Sticky Edit)
Sensi – Deekline & Ed Solo (Stickybuds VIP)
You Rock My World (Acapella) – Michael Jackson
Rudeboy Pledge (Acapella) – Baby Cham
Autumn Dub – Mooncat
Don’t Deny It – Stickybuds
Keep Em Bouncin – Pretty Lights
Can’t Deny It (Acapella) – Nate Dogg
Settle Down – Kimbra (Blunt Instruments Remix / Sticky Edit)
Sundae Sound – Bobby C Sound TV (Stickybuds Edit)
Yo! – Fannypack
All Blazin – Stickypod Connection Ft. Blackout JA
Oooooh! – Featurecast
All Blazin (Acapella) – Stickypod Connection Ft. Blackout JA
Break it On Down – Slynk
Bop Gun Ft. Ice Cube – George Clinton (Slynk Edit)
Shake Ya Booty – Funk Ferret & Some DJ
Just Buggin (Acapella) – Whistle
Jump Out – Bobby C Sound TV
Moose Tooth – Opiuo (Sticky Edit)
B- Side – JB Banger
VIP Robo Murder – Opiuo Vs. Barrington Levy Vs. Beatnuts  (Sticky Pella)
Fatboys Dilla – Stickybuds
OPP Banger – Featurecast
Smoothness – Slynk (Sticky Edit)
Beatbox Wash (Acapella) – Dust Junkies
Crowd Murder – Stickybuds (Sticky Edit)
Backyard Baby – Funkanomics
Drop The Bomb (Acapella) – Santero Ft. Credit To The Nation
Big Love – Smov
Feel Alright – The Captain
Body Bait – Superbreak (SB Disco Edit / Sticky Edit)
Shake Da Pressure (Acapella) – Deekline, Amp & Ed Solo
The Word – The Beatles (Captain Remix, Sticky Edit)
Shake That Monkey (Acapella) – Too Short
Shake Your Monkey – Telephunken
Insanity For Vanity – Bobby C Sound TV
So Hot – Agent 86 (Jayl Funk Remix, Sticky Edit)
Funk For Peace (Acapella) – Fort Knox Five
Whip It (Acapella) – Deekline & Dustin Hulton Ft. Splack Pack & Kidd Money
Baby Laser Love – Ursula 1000 (Basement Freaks Remix)
Time – Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Ft. Skibadee & Lady Chann (Dirty Drums Mix)
Summertime Holiday- Neighbour Ft. Think Tank (Dub Vs. Vocal Edit)
Hey Mr. DJ – Deekline & Ed Solo Ft. Sporty O (Stickybuds Edit)
Push up – Freestylers (Sticknasty Pella)
We Blow Up The Spot – Featurecast & Krafty Kuts
Crazy Love – Drumattic Twins (Featurecast Remix / Stickybuds Nasty Edit)
Rolling In The Deep (Acapella) – Adele
I Wish – Slynk Vs. Ed Solo (Sticky Edit)
Where The Party At (Acapella) – Nelly Ft. Jagged Edge
Gangsta’s Paradise (Acapella) – Coolio
Hear What I Say (Acapella) – The Nextment Ft. Rodney P
Voodoo Chop Booty – Opiuo Vs. Jimi Hendrix Vs. Stickybuds
Voodoo Child (Guitarapella) – Jimi Hendrix
Dubplate – YT, Tenor Fly, Mr. Williamz, Blackout JA & Million Stylez (Benny Page Remix)
Changes (Acapella) – Cecile
Bad Boy (Need Your Love) – Deekline & Ed Solo
Shoot To Kill (Acapella) – Alien Entertainment
Guaranteed – Stickybuds, Ed Solo & Deekline (Stickybuds VIP)
Iniquity Worker (Acapella) – Navigator & Bladerunner

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