Top Ten Reasons to Go to Pop Okanagan

1.Downtown Kelowna is a pretty rockin’ place to begin with when you’re looking for a good night out. Imagine it overflowing with talent and awesome entertainment.
2. Bragging rights for experiencing small venue shows with up and coming artists.
3. Uhh, lets see… You might get a chance to challenge the Dudes (headlining at Habitat) to a beer shotgunning contest! I hear they’re pretty good at it though. Ha…
4. You may want to chill out and take in some acoustic vibes or maybe you’re more into the dub-step scene. There’s going to be something for every type of music lover.. except maybe Metal. Sorry guys.
5. Family friendly! Kids POP! on Saturday from 10am-3pm at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Have you ever been to an instrument petting zoo?
6. Not only are you helping out local artists, but Downton Kelowna businesses will benefit as well.
7. If you’re new to Kelowna, it’ll be a great way to meet people. Like me. (*cough* I’m new *cough*)
8. You won’t have to endure the tragic symptoms of FOMO (fear of missing out syndrome)
9. Great value. $35.00 is a steal for all the music you’ll be exposed to in 3 awesome nights!
10. Because I really want you to come.. I mean WE! Come out and enjoy good music, good times, and great people in Downtown Kelowna. :)

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