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Top 5 Ghostly Hauntings in the Okanagan

I love being scared. I’ve always loved being scared. Whether it’s horror or thriller movies, spooky stories or being caught off guard, being scared is my version of extreme sports. Because I’m lazy. Unfortunately, my partner Adam isn’t a huge fan of the hair-raising, so I fit it in sparingly and when I can. Mix this with a new-found love for local history and I think we’ve got a Top 5 list for A-OK, just in time for Halloween (which is, incidentally, my favourite holiday.)

While other regions in BC may be more ghastly — Victoria, for instance, always springs to mind — we are not without our fair share of hauntings in the interior. Here is a list of my Top 5 unearthly hangouts…

5. Guisachan Ranch (Kelowna)

Many of us are familiar with Guisachan House in Kelowna from the numerous weddings we’ve attended there (or at least I hope this is the case as it’s a beautiful residence). Nearly as many of us are probably familar with it’s reported haunted gravel driveway. I’ve been to two weddings there myself and, while the on-site signage confirms the haunting stopped in recent history, after a few champagne toasts I’m dragging guests out back in the chance we may hear the phantom footsteps that frequented the ranch grounds.

Built in the 1890’s for Governor General Lord Aberdeen and named after his wife’s childhood home in Scotland, it apparently wasn’t long until the clip-clop of invisible horses and carriages could be heard rolling down the drive. Seeming to stop for a moment before picking up again, this tormented coach must have dropped off its ghostly passengers before continuing on its way. While nothing had ever been seen, this spooky sound was heard many times over the years.

4. The Prankster Projectionist (Vernon)

I’ve heard stories of the Town Theatre in Vernon, and even that there is an entrance to the Vernon underground around that area, since I was a child. I think there’s even a Vernon Ghost Tour that runs Mondays and Wednesdays between July 13 and August 31 that probably covers this ground. This particular tale is about the long-time home of one particular projectionist, long dead and bent on making his presence known.

Photo by Sporkist.

One story has a worker coming in early to prep for the night’s show, and once feeling satisfied everything was ready, leaving for a little bit to come back later. He was surprised to find the theatre doors locked when he purposely left them unlocked as he would be returning soon. Even more surprising is that the only way to lock the doors was with the key, and the worker had the only copy.

In the early 90’s, a contracting company was hired to clean the theatre’s 500 seats. Workers carried their own supplies into the theatre and placed them on a corner of the stage. It was mere moments before they found the supplies moved to the other side of the stage, even though no one was near them. Luckily, it wasn’t all bad, the workers were entertained with phantom music while they cleaned, even though the sound system had been turned off…

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Something Punny About Autumn

As much as I love Summer (and believe me, I LOVE summer), Autumn may or may not be tied for my favourite season. Especially in this particular part of Canada. The fall colours, the ability to layer clothing and scarves (I can’t be the only one), and most importantly times spent with friends. My close friend Julian moved to Montreal two years ago and is about to leave to Southeast Asia for 8 months. I haven’t seen him since my Montreal trip in June and he was only here for a short time, I was lucky that we’d just wrapped Pop Okanagan and a large amount of my responsibilities for the time and was able to take some time in the Sunny afternoons while he was here to enjoy the weather.

We walked just about everywhere on the west side of town, through paths of dotted sunlight under chromatic leaves. Seeing the red and yellow hues close up is always so astonishing to me.

Just as incredible is getting the big picture. Climb Knox and wander around the top, you can see Fall happening before your eyes from Vernon all the way to Penticton and it’s all good.

And while a lot of resto’s are closing their patios for the season, there’s certainly no shortage of venue’s on the lake with large windows… we choose to head to The El down Lakeshore (Hotel Eldorado is at 500 Cook Road), so take it all in! I hope to see you out and about this fall.

Penticton’s Photographic Meet and Greet Art Show a Success!

Article Submitted by Unique Captures Gallery / Submit Your Own Article

Did you hear about the photographic art show that happened last week in Penticton? Probably, the event was a tremendous success with an estimated turn out of 150 people over two hours. Unique Captures Gallery hosted a meet and greet opening with 9 talented Okanagan artists on October 6th with partial proceeds donated to the South Okanagan Children’s Charity.

What more could you want, wine, great hors d’oeuvres, and close to 60 fine art prints to peruse? Gail Thomas of Penticton will tell you that she did not expect anything more but wanted to help with a $5 donation to the SOCC and took home a signed limited edition print by Stephen Hancock of Penticton.

The photographers have gone but they have left there prints on display in the gallery. You can still stop into the gallery and view the prints Monday to Friday from 10am – 5:30pm.

View event photos on Facebook
Visit the Gallery website

Vibrant Vine

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These photographs were taken on Saturday, October 15th at the Vibrant Vine in South East Kelowna. The Vibrant Vine Vineyard had a “Pajama Jam” event with live music, food, silent auction and of course plenty of wine tastings. Many visitors donated children’s Pajama’s in support of the Pajama Project. Dozens of Pajama’s will be going to those children in far away lands that never had the experience to sleep in Pajama’s. This picture was taken on a beautiful sunny Okanagan fall day.

October seasons changing

Beautiful Fall day on the Westside

A photoshoot for my friend Melanie Stipdonk who makes great feathered earrings. Models Shelby Leanne & Savannah Kory Moore Photographer Lise Guyot.

Waterfront Park

leaves coming alive with color.

Scottish Folk Invasion!

Ryan Donn shares another article with us, this time about emerging Scottish folk star Yvonne Lyon, who is coming to Kelowna this Saturday at the Coast Capri. Based in a small village just out of Glasgow, Lyon is known for her poignant lyrics, creative melodies and a voice that soothes any soul. On tour to support her latest album, More than mine, Kelowna will be one of the few performances on her trip to Canada. I had the opportunity of opening for her while I toured Scotland in 2009. Every event was sold out and I was blown away by her engaging voice that’s draws in the whole crowd. Now that we are all dealing with live music withdrawals after the conclusion of Pop Okanagan lets all take some time this weekend to discover the live music that happens around town in various venues every weekend. Lots more options in the Castanet events section.

I caught up with Yvonne on a Skype call in the wee hours last week so she could talk a bit about her music, her new album, and her connection to Western Canada.

Coast Capri Vintners Lounge
Saturday, Oct 21st
Free (Entertainment is always free at the Coast Capri)

Here is her most popular YouTube video `The Coffee song“ from her album “Ashes and Gold”

Pop Okanagan – Saturday Night Recap

For the third and final night of Pop Okanagan we meet Noel Wentworth at Kids Pop, Get a taste of the Schmusic Event at the Pop Okanagan Conference and interview The Belle Game, beekeeper, and a few people on the street. See the best night of the weekend yet!

Music “Blueprints for Our Failed Revolution” by The Ruffled Feathers
and “Ghost Towns” by Treelines