Scottish Folk Invasion!

Ryan Donn shares another article with us, this time about emerging Scottish folk star Yvonne Lyon, who is coming to Kelowna this Saturday at the Coast Capri. Based in a small village just out of Glasgow, Lyon is known for her poignant lyrics, creative melodies and a voice that soothes any soul. On tour to support her latest album, More than mine, Kelowna will be one of the few performances on her trip to Canada. I had the opportunity of opening for her while I toured Scotland in 2009. Every event was sold out and I was blown away by her engaging voice that’s draws in the whole crowd. Now that we are all dealing with live music withdrawals after the conclusion of Pop Okanagan lets all take some time this weekend to discover the live music that happens around town in various venues every weekend. Lots more options in the Castanet events section.

I caught up with Yvonne on a Skype call in the wee hours last week so she could talk a bit about her music, her new album, and her connection to Western Canada.

Coast Capri Vintners Lounge
Saturday, Oct 21st
Free (Entertainment is always free at the Coast Capri)

Here is her most popular YouTube video `The Coffee song“ from her album “Ashes and Gold”

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