Something Punny About Autumn

As much as I love Summer (and believe me, I LOVE summer), Autumn may or may not be tied for my favourite season. Especially in this particular part of Canada. The fall colours, the ability to layer clothing and scarves (I can’t be the only one), and most importantly times spent with friends. My close friend Julian moved to Montreal two years ago and is about to leave to Southeast Asia for 8 months. I haven’t seen him since my Montreal trip in June and he was only here for a short time, I was lucky that we’d just wrapped Pop Okanagan and a large amount of my responsibilities for the time and was able to take some time in the Sunny afternoons while he was here to enjoy the weather.

We walked just about everywhere on the west side of town, through paths of dotted sunlight under chromatic leaves. Seeing the red and yellow hues close up is always so astonishing to me.

Just as incredible is getting the big picture. Climb Knox and wander around the top, you can see Fall happening before your eyes from Vernon all the way to Penticton and it’s all good.

And while a lot of resto’s are closing their patios for the season, there’s certainly no shortage of venue’s on the lake with large windows… we choose to head to The El down Lakeshore (Hotel Eldorado is at 500 Cook Road), so take it all in! I hope to see you out and about this fall.

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