2nd Annual Art Party at UBCO Fine Arts Building

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The Interdisciplinary Performance program teaches physical theatre performers to source and use material that crosses into the world of both visual arts and creative writing. This being the case, students from the Interdisciplinary Performance program at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus, join forces with students from the both the Visual arts and Creative Writing departments to present the coolest party in town at the end of every November.

This year’s theme is “chance”. We want the party to have a feeling of randomness. Events will go off in different corners at different times. We hope people will have a chance encounter and meet some new people, along with artists and their work. There will be some experiments, some improvisation and probably some dice!

We are taking over the second floor of the UBC-O Fine Arts Building on November 25 from 7pm — Midnight. Entry is $5.00 at the door. There will be 30 artists participating ranging from mediums in sculpture, paintings, spoken word, video, experimental sound and performance. We also have six DJs and one live band.

Participating Artists:

  • Dean Krawchuk
  • Andy Ruffet
  • Chris Bitcon
  • Garrett Riffal
  • Max Flynn
  • Shervin Laghaie
  • Tanatswa Pfende
  • Natalia Hautila
  • James Balehowsky
  • Kelsie Balehowsky
  • Per Wall
  • Dylan Ranney
  • Erin Banks
  • Lucas Glenn
  • Shimshon Obadia
  • Lacia Vogel
  • Kevin Jesuino
  • Cathrine Spencer
  • Cory Myraas
  • Brianne Messing
  • Sierra Barreto
  • Omer Cheema
  • Stephanie Hack
  • Parth Kelkar
  • Jamie Zechner
  • Conner Nagal
  • Beau Loomer
  • Tim Smith

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