Hey Ocean! and The Belle Game at Habitat

Watermarked photos by Devon Regier, all else by Brandon William Fletcher.

Last night was great. Habitat was host to Hey Ocean! and opening act The Belle Game (who we’ve already featured on not one but two mixcasts and you may have caught at Pop Okanagan). This show was special for a lot of reasons.

The Belle Game and I have been flirting for the last 4 months, even though it feels like a lot longer (in a good way), but I haven’t really got to enjoy their show as much as I would like. Normally I’d be behind a camera or editing video while they were performing so this was the first time I really got to get into the set.

Another reason, I’ve never seen Hey Ocean! before. I know, I should be drawn and quartered, I’ve had friends who have been into them for years now and I guess I never fully bought in.

Naturally, this was a ridiculous oversight on my part. It took their latest single, Big Blue Wave (off of the EP of the same name) to really get my attention. Their new music is pop, there’s no doubt about it. But in the same vein as Mother Mother, it’s so unabashed and unapologetic. It’s authentic and it’s easy to ride the wave.

I had a quick moment to ask them about it and lead-singer Ashley explained they’ve tried to do a few different sounds over the years, and friends and colleagues have told them to just pick a sound and stick to it. They thought about it and they really wanted to make positive and happy pop music, and voila, their new album (which is still only available to people attending the shows until an official release comes out) was born.

They really showed off their versatility when they dedicated a song to BC singer/performer Randy Ponzio who passed away last week, it was an emotional moment for everyone in the room. And beautiful.

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