These People Are A-OK: Lisa Brown

Lisa and I met on a boat. Too saccharine to be true, right? What actually happened was she had won tickets to see Greg Sczebel on a boat with her sister/friends and I was there filming our first A-OK Rooftop Sessions with Greg. Lisa and I have very similar attitudes, and by that I mean we’re loud. It didn’t take long for us to meet each other and strike-up a witty rapport. I explained A-OKs mission to showcase all the positive, creative energy and culture in the region and she dug it. Cut to a few months later when I got a call from Lisa. She finally told me what she does and it seemed like a perfect fit for the A-OK. So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Lisa ‘Expressionate’ Brown.

What do you do here Lisa?
I am primarily a silversmith, I create on-site which is great.  I have my studio in my shop so people can come in and pick what they’d like, I can alter it, I can do repairs and of course I sell my things as well. It’s wonderful to be able to sell it and make it in the same place, it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.

So what brought you to this particular line of work?
I’ve made jewelry most of my life, right from the time I got out of high school I figured it was a good way to make some money in the summer. Then in ’93 in a random meeting with someone they asked me, “did you know in Kelowna you can sell jewelry right on the beach?” I thought that job was made for me so I moved to Kelowna from Ontario. Got in a van, drove out west. The engine blew up in the Okanagan, on Halloween night, on Westside Road, as the sun was going down.

That sounds like the beginning of a teen slasher flick.
I thought, “Hmmm… apparently I’m supposed to live here.” So I stayed. And I did that for 15 years, I worked out of City Park, re-wrote the program with the City, got people on board, got it a little more functional.

So it’s safe to say this is a passion for you.

Where can fine folks find your work?
Right now I’m in the Penticton Art Gallery, the Vernon Art Gallery, but primarily I’m here, on-site. In my very first store. I find my biggest challenge right now actually, getting my old clientele to even know where I am. This happened so quickly, like it just it BAM! “Do you want a studio shop?” “Uhhhhhh, ok.” Now I’m a year in and there’s still people looking for me.

Well, you can find Lisa at 2170 Harvey Avenue inside the Ramada Hotel Lobby in Kelowna. Find out more on her Facebook page.

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