A-OK DJ Mixtape: 30 minute Ballista Mix

Believe it or not, Kelowna is on the world map for Electronic Dance Music due to its vibrant Dubstep scene. Locals Excision & Datsik have enjoyed massive global popularity in the past two years. Acts like Nero, Rusko, and Skrillex have taken the genre into the mass media and Dubstep is now a household name.

Keeping an ear on what is exploding today in Kelowna’s Dubstep scene brings us to up-and-comer producer Ballista who has put together a 30 minute mini-mix for us.  About a year ago, he made the switch from Heavy Metal drummer to DJ and producer. This mix is a collection of his favorite tracks he has produced over the past few months and is not for the faint-hearted.  Expect awesome tunes with heavy sub-bass to bang your head to.


1. Armageddon – Ballista
2. Big Bad Wolf -Tech N9ne (Ballista Remix)
3. Rolling in the Deep – Adele (Ballista Remix)
4. Photon Cannon – Ballista
5. Unity ft. Robyn Kennedy – Ballista
6. Predator – Ballista
7. Utopia – Ballista
8. Smokin Barrels – Ballista
9. Indestructible – Ballista
10. Disco Droid – Ballista
11. Easy Duz it – Ballista
12. Tournament – Ballista
13. Colony – Ballista
14. Taylor Gang or Die – Ballista

30 minute Ballista Mix on SoundCloud

Quinn is also a DJ and event host active in the Okanagan’s rich Electronic Dance Music community. An upcoming release on Bassbong Records is due out soon. Stay connected by liking his Ballista fan page


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