A-OK Mixcast Fourteen: 10 Best Shows of 2011

It’s been quite a year in the A-OK. Some people claimed local music has taken a step back, but it could just be the tall trees have lost their leaves giving the saplings a chance to emerge and grow. Lots of music, a fair amount of shows and we’ve sorted through a large amount to share our list of the 10 Best Shows of 2011. It’s fair to announce right off the bat, the only order here is chronological, it’s nearly impossible for us to pick which show could have been No. 1. Without further ado, here is our list!

  1. Meteor Eschat by Gobble Gobble (now Born Gold)
    • February 25 – Gobble Gobble, Little Jungles & The Fails at 2303 Abbott St.
  2. V-A-N-C-O-U-V-E-R by Behind Sapphire
  3. Everything You’ve Done Wrong by Sloan
    • June 2 – Sloan at The Barking Parrot
  4. World’s Got a Handle by Sun Wizard
    • June 18 – Red Cedar with Sun Wizard at Habitat
  5. Let’s Fall Asleep Together by Teen Daze
    • July 3 – Teen Daze with Oh No! Yoko at Habitat
  6. Oh, the Wind Will Blow by Doug Hoyer
    • July 16 – Doug Hoyer and The Joe at 2303 Abbott St.
  7. NYE by Dinosaur Bones
    • September 25 – Ra Ra Riot with Dinosaur Bones at Doc Willougby’s
  8. Two Faced City by The Boom Booms
  9. Make a New Dance Up by Hey Ocean!
  10. Dark/Warm Air by We Are The City

Don’t agree with the list? What shows would you select as the 10 Best in the region? Let me know through email or the comments!

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