The Power Of A SHOE

Dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, tunics, you name it, there is a garment for everybody, and we spend a lot of time deciding how to dress every morning.  More often than not, the composition of our outfits stop when we have finished dressing and accessorizing and we forget about the item that pulls an entire look together; FOOTWEAR!  Shoes can pull a look together, or tragically, make it fall to pieces.

Shoes trends change just as often as clothing trends alter, but we often forgo a new pair of shoes for that amazing new little black dress with sky high hopes nobody will notice what is happening south of your knees. That being said, there is nothing wrong with rocking a classic shoe time and time again, but your shoe-wardrobe needs to be updated sometimes as well. Items such as; your staple black or brown leather boot, or a nude pump are the classics that can be savoured for a few seasons, with a few accent shoes in between.

When you are in search of the staple shoes for your wardrobe it won’t hurt to invest a little bit more money into them as you are going to be using them for more than one season. Keep your eyes open for real leather boots that will be versatile and wearable with more than one item of clothing.  When choosing the length it may seem like an excellent idea to go the dramatic route and get purchase the flavour of the week, proceed with caution, you may hate that length in a year. You want to have a pair that will last more than a couple of winters so choose a length that has never gone out of style such as, knee length or just below .  You can wear them with jeans, leggings or dresses and they will not go out of style.  Freedman’s and Kolu are fantastic stores to begin your boot search, located in Spall Plaza, they are sure to fulfill your booty needs.

With your shoe rack stocked with the essentials it’s time to get creative and add a few new favourites.  Whether it be the colour, shape, or the style of your fabulous shoes they will each reveal a little piece of who you are.  Most of us work in an environment with somewhat of a uniform so shoes are a great way to express who you are while staying in the guidelines of the company. Shoes can look really scary as they pose on the shelves of our stores and most likely you will pass by a pair of shoes simply because they do not look like your style. Never judge a shoe by the shelf and take the time to try on lots of different kinds of shoes such as different heights and a style you may not normally go for. So many times something like a Tangerine patent mini pump would be a shoe that would be dismissed on the shelf but if you take a chance and simply try the shoes on you will soon realize you can use these to polish and complete a total look.  Moving into the depths of winter it is essential to keep as many things light and bright in your life as possible and why not start with your feet. If you are into heels, fierce lace booties in emerald green, or any bold colour of your choice, are a great asset to your closet.

Step your way into a local shoe store and let your senses guide you. Boutiques Such as Asphalt shoes, or Hollywood Shoes are fantastic local stores that are filled with so many unique one of a kind styles to suite each individual.  For a more commercial find check out places such as Frakas, or Downtown Shoes.

We all have the power to dress to impress, but for those of us that dare to wear amazing footwear will land a step ahead!

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