Fashionate: What-To-Winter-Wear

We can deny it all we want, but old father winter has decided to pay the Okanagan Valley a visit and that means it is time to update our fall wardrobes, transforming our racks into a winter wonderland of heavy knits, cotton dresses and chic outerwear.  It is easy to forget all about fashion and focus on warmth and comfort when the snow starts to fly, but comfort does not mean your dads flannel  jacket to keep you warm-although if worn with a pair of leggings and fur boots It could be done!

Knit sweaters are a great way to layer any look and warm yourself while you are out searching for the perfect Christmas gift.  Bigger is not always better, and less is sometimes more, but when it comes to getting dressed for the elements; many layers are necessary, more means warmer, and layering a sweater with a sweater is an excellent way to add texture to your outfit. Keep your staple pieces of winter neutral so you can add and build on them to create endless options within your wardrobe. Choose tones such as warm honey, rust, pecan, charcoal, or soft beige.

Ponchos are another great way to cover up this season. Although many are on the dislike end when this conversation begins but I am on the love side. If you know how to wear a poncho properly it can work for your fashion and comfort advantage. A classic poncho has absolutely no arm holes, and this is where I have heard some of my beloved friends of fashion start their complaints, agreed that it can be slightly annoying to have something just kind of `hanging` there and perhaps becoming more of an annoyance than a useful article of clothing. Although they have been designed like this in the past, often times, you can find a `faux poncho`, equipped with sleeves underneath so it will stay in place and do the task at hand, and that is keeping you looking good and feeling toasty warm.

A fabulous winter outfit that will transform you from morning to night might look something like this; a beautiful cotton blend dress with a strong silhouette in a bold print such as colour blocked metallic or an Aztec pattern, nipped in at the waist with a thick leather belt, paired with your favourite pair of tights and a wedged boot. Layered with; a heavy wool sweater in a neutral tone paired with a bold tube scarf and fingerless mittens, completed with your hair pulled into a carefree chignon. All you need is your studded stilettos to swap into for a night out with the girls.

Take advantage of Kelowna when you are on the search for your new winter wardrobe. Blonde, located on Bernard, will be your sweater and dress headquarters for all your fresh frock desires. A meca of metallics await you at Amercian Apparel, also located on Bernard, including a massive selection of amazing tights and leggings. For amazing vintage pieces skip down the road to Frock, where you will discover unbelievable finds from vintage furs to a hot pair of guess stilletos.

Our local stores are unique, and provide all the staples we need to transform ourselves from drab to fab this 2012 season.

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.  – Adrianna Lima.

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