20+11 Reasons to Celebrate our Year

2012 is the start of a new beginning and I could not be happier, but first we need to honour the greatest trends that carried us to this year of reinvention. Let’s wave goodbye to those that have been over used, over worn and have bored us to tears, and open our minds and closets to a new year.

1) Metallics: This is a trend that will carry into the new year, it’s a great addition to the minimalistic look.

2) Fur: we may see a decline in the amount of fur being used but it’s back with avengance for the long haul, I mean who DOESN’T love a piece of fur?!

3) 70’s: bell-bottoms made a comeback, Hot pants could be found on any given day, and a girl will not be seen out without her sexy secretary blouse. LOVE this vibe of clothing.

4) Lace.

5) Bold Colours: colour on colour is back with moderation, pair purple tights with eggplant ankle boots for a modern twist to the 80’s inspired look.

6) Feather earrings:  I do love this trend and it has taken off since the beginning of last year, although I have been spoiled by one-of-a-kind pairs from EmmElle Earrings so head down to Funktional on Bernard for an authentic real feather experience.

7) Top Knots: My favourite trend of the year, so easy to dress up or down, and such an adorable look for any girl with hair long enough! LOVES.

8) Kim K’s curls: One of the most recognizable hairstyles of the year, I am ready for something new, such as a pin-up inspired new style.

9) Minimalism (nudes whites, pastels): This is the year of reinvention, this look is DONE we are all about fresh starts and new beginnings and that means anything colour! Of course,

10) Bleaching brows: So amazing for the blonde babes out there, but a short lived trend at best.

11) Darkening them back again with bold, thick, just a few hairs short of a unibrow has replaced the bleached out brows for a transforming look.

12) Ombre hair colour: great for low maintenance babes on the go, we haven’t seen the last of this laid back style

13) Oxford shoes: A favourite replacement of the ballet flat, pair these classic shoes with a pair of skinny jeans and a tuxedo blazer, or an a-line floral for a totally versatile look. Another trend that we haven’t closed the doors on just yet.

14) Cobalt Blue: replaced with Emerald green, the new  colour trends are always exciting to learn

16) Structured bags:

17) Anything Apple: iPads, iPhones, AppleTVs, MacBooks, iPods, iAnything! Hands down Apple took over the technology airwaves this year, and who can blame them. AMAZING brand. RIP Steve Jobs.

18) Nautical: Glad this one is gone. There were cute aspects to the nautical trend but I believe it’s better left at sea.

19) Optimism: A trend I hope never goes away.

20) Lash Extensions: Bring on the Rom-Com’s you can get teary eyed and still look fabulous when you don’t have to worry about mascara, a trend that we will see throughout the summer days of the Okanagan.

20) Sequins: Another favourite!  A sequin blazer was voted a must have for the holiday season this year, it take a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit and transforms it into an elegant evening look.

21) Sky High Wedges: Perfect for girls who fear the stiletto. Wedges go with anything in your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to go for a ruby red velvet to brighten up your winter.

22) Justin Beiber and his hair: Thank GOODNESS the boys have began cutting their beib do’s but it was a fantastic style for its time, kudos to J. Beibs for making such a great fashion statement.

23) Eating Clean.

24) Aztec patterns: A trend that did not get 10’s across the board and we may see it come back with different variations but I do love the feminine dresses that we saw throughout summer and fall.

25) Animal print: A style that will never EVER go out, the only thing that is going to change will be the amount of animal worn at once. Animal print footwear is making a massive comeback and I love every second of it.

26) Vintage: A trend that has been carried over throughout the seasons. Reigniting style from the 60’s and 70’s thanks to shows like Mad Men and the more ecologically-minded shopper who has the planet in mind. Get down to Frock Clothing in Kelowna for some pre-loved style and start your vintage experience!

27) Wide Legged Pants: Many women are not on board with this trend but with the right top and shoes you can really pull this chic look off.

28) Asian Inspiration.

29) Sheer clothing: If this look is done properly it can be worn very sophisticated, be wary though it is one of those trends that can cross the line when shear is worn the wrong way…such as a mini skirt…

Looking forward to a new year of trends and sharing them all with you! XO

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