Fashionate: Recycle your Wardrobe

The cold has set in, our bellies and hearts are full from the holidays, and our wallets are empty.  Although retail therapy is the best medicine when the winter blues grace their presence, sometimes our budgets just won’t allow us the satisfaction! Recycling your wardrobe is cost effective and fulfills all of our new clothing addictions.  It’s much easier than one might think and what a great excuse to stay indoors during the blustery days!

  1. Pay a visit to the deep dark corners of your closet and there you will find a stained article of clothing you weren’t ready to get rid of, or perhaps a flashy piece of fashion that you wouldn’t dare walk out in public with anymore. A classic white blouse is a perfect clean slate to work with as well. Whatever your find may be, the options are endless for a quick easy makeover.
  2. Set yourself a budget before you hit the fabric store.  I gave myself a $30 budget for 3 new articles of clothing, and came out with three made-over outfits
  3. Make sure you have a vision before you go shopping so you know what you are looking for.
  4. Dying your close of the simplest way to quickly alter clothing that you want to change.
  5. Searching vintage stores, or unique accessory stores to pick up a new pair of earrings or a funky new bracelet can really bring a dull T to life.

Before you dye your chosen article make sure you thoroughly wash the garment to assure even porosity.

I chose to alter a pair of shorts, a one piece jumpsuit and a collared button down shirt this round of recycling.

My one piece jumpsuit was so hip and trendy when I purchased it last fall, I wore it to death and got so sick of it I haven’t look at it in months. I decided to cut the bottom portion just above the knee and create a bubble bottom romper. I sewed a hem and gathered it in to create the bubble effect. I cut the sleeves off making it strapless, layered it over a lace top and cinched in at the wait with a studded belt. Add a pair of creative fishnets during colder months and it becomes a new and exciting garment that I can look forward to wearing again.

Staying on trend with being thrifty, take a trip to the fabulous WARDROBE on Pandosy St.  to purchase your accessories to make a new look your own.  You also won’t be able to resist sifting through the jam packed racks of delicious finds while you are visiting with a perfect blend of new and used clothing with each unique piece telling a different story.

I had a pair of shorts I couldn’t bear to get rid of as I got hair colour on them the FIRST day I purcahsed them and they had been sitting my ‘to-do’ pile for months. They still fit so I decided to colour them the hue of the season, which is GREEN!

By simply changing the colour, adding some bling, lengthening or shortening a garment will bring out your own creativity as well as, bring life to the wardrobe you would rather throw out than wear one more article of clothing for one more day!

Style is what you make it, rules are made to be broken and trends are only guidelines! Take control of who you are and wear it with power!

Xo Nikki

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