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Urban & Kidman take in Vipers Hockey Game

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman took in the Vernon Vipers hockey game. The crowd was glad to have them there! Neat little celebrity spotting in the A-OK.

20+11 Reasons to Celebrate our Year

2012 is the start of a new beginning and I could not be happier, but first we need to honour the greatest trends that carried us to this year of reinvention. Let’s wave goodbye to those that have been over used, over worn and have bored us to tears, and open our minds and closets to a new year.

1) Metallics: This is a trend that will carry into the new year, it’s a great addition to the minimalistic look.

2) Fur: we may see a decline in the amount of fur being used but it’s back with avengance for the long haul, I mean who DOESN’T love a piece of fur?!

3) 70’s: bell-bottoms made a comeback, Hot pants could be found on any given day, and a girl will not be seen out without her sexy secretary blouse. LOVE this vibe of clothing.

4) Lace.

5) Bold Colours: colour on colour is back with moderation, pair purple tights with eggplant ankle boots for a modern twist to the 80’s inspired look.

6) Feather earrings:  I do love this trend and it has taken off since the beginning of last year, although I have been spoiled by one-of-a-kind pairs from EmmElle Earrings so head down to Funktional on Bernard for an authentic real feather experience.

7) Top Knots: My favourite trend of the year, so easy to dress up or down, and such an adorable look for any girl with hair long enough! LOVES.

8) Kim K’s curls: One of the most recognizable hairstyles of the year, I am ready for something new, such as a pin-up inspired new style.

9) Minimalism (nudes whites, pastels): This is the year of reinvention, this look is DONE we are all about fresh starts and new beginnings and that means anything colour! Of course,

10) Bleaching brows: So amazing for the blonde babes out there, but a short lived trend at best.

11) Darkening them back again with bold, thick, just a few hairs short of a unibrow has replaced the bleached out brows for a transforming look.

12) Ombre hair colour: great for low maintenance babes on the go, we haven’t seen the last of this laid back style

13) Oxford shoes: A favourite replacement of the ballet flat, pair these classic shoes with a pair of skinny jeans and a tuxedo blazer, or an a-line floral for a totally versatile look. Another trend that we haven’t closed the doors on just yet.

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Windborn Western Canadian Tour

Local musician Windborn is acoustic alternative music driven by powerful vocals, unique guitar licks and hand percussion. Windborn is Jeff Pike’s solo acoustic project but he is often joined by a hand percussionist for live performances. The best description given to Windborn after a concert was, “jazz metal that you would listen to by a fire”. This may not be the most accurate description of Windborn’s music but it does go to show how broad a spectrum the music of Windborn seems to reach.

Jeff has been writing, recording and performing music since 1998. In 2007 Jeff decided to start focusing on more of a solo approach making his music under the name of Windborn. After playing over 500 concerts from coffee shops to pubs, music venues and festivals, Jeff feels like he’s ready to embark on a Western Canadian Tour. Starting Friday, you can catch four dates in the Okanagan if you’ve got the time.

  • Friday Jan 6. Enderby, BC. Cliffs Cafe
  • Saturday Jan 7. Kelowna, BC. The Bike Shop Cafe
  • Monday Jan 9. Vernon, BC. The Talkin Donkey
  • Tuesday Jan 10. Revelstoke, BC. Benoit’s Wine Bar

Find the Facebook Event here. Check for more details on gigs.

Okanagan Young Entrepreneur’s Club Business Mixer!

Join Kelowna’s newest networking group, geared towards young business owners!  Here, you can share insight and inspiration through advice, tell a personal success story and assist others who are just getting started.  Network, share ideas and make new friends!The Okanagan Young Entrepreneur’s Club is an opportunity to take your commitment to the next level. If you’re under 30, become part of this dynamic network, which supports entrepreneurship and discover how other’s have achieved success.

*Learn from seasoned professionals
*Share your knowledge and skills
*Develop valuable business relationships

First meeting of 2012 scheduled for January 6, 2011 at 5:30pm! Call 250-863-9230 or email for more information and to register.

Winter Skate

Between Christmas & New Year, great skates on Rosevalley Lake in West Kelowna!

Little Jungles – Nothing Will Grow

First single from the Little Jungles forthcoming album “I Would Kill For Some Sunlight”. Here is the video for the song “Nothing Will Grow”

My Wife’s Notes – See Ya Later Ranch Brut – New Year’s Day Bourbon French Toast

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New Year’s Day Bourbon French Toast

  • 1/2 loaf San Fransisco Sourdough bread
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Disaronno or other almond liquor
  • Knob Creek bourbon, or other bourbon
  • maple syrup
  • balsamic vinegar

Pre-warm the oven to 200 degrees F, and heat a non-stick fry pan to medium.  In a small pot on low heat, heat the maple syrup with a splash of bourbon and a few drops of balsamic vinegar (sounds weird, but trust me, it’s fantastic). Stir occasionally.

In a bowl, combine eggs, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, Disaronno and bourbon, whisking until fully mixed.  Slice the bread into 1/2 inch thick slices, and dip them in the mixture, allowing to soak into the bread.

Melt a bit of butter in the pan, and fry the egg-soaked bread for 2-3 minutes on each side. Place on a plate in the oven to keep warm, and repeat until all of the bread has been fried.  To serve, place several pieces on a plate, top with heated syrup and butter if desired, and serve with bacon.

Sparkling wine and OJ, eggs, bacon, coffee, French toast…Alana and I love any excuse to brunch, but there is no more appropriate time for brunch than on New Years Day.  Making food like French toast is simple, rich and just indulgent enough to make you feel good about starting off the New Year right.

New Years Bourbon French Toast

Mimosas are a brunch staple, and for that we need a sparkling wine.  There are a number of renowned Okanagan Bruts (Cipes from Summerhill and Stellar’s Jay from Sumac Ridge for example), but the See Ya Later Ranch Brut stands proud as the best the valley has to offer.  Delicious on its own or mixed with some fine orange juice.

See Ya Later Ranch Brut

My Notes:

The lively bubbles subside to reveal a pale yellow wine with a slight green tinge.  The nose is very delicate, with hints of yeast, apple and soft spice.  The first sip is crisp and tart, with more orchard fruits like green apple and pear throughout.  The lively acidity cleanses the palette, and finishes with bright melon and citrus flavors…flavors that pair exceptionally well with any orange juice added. 91 points.

My Wife’s Notes:

“Mmm, it tastes sooooo good with my bacon! Pour me some more.”