Trickster in the Machine (formerly Picto Prophesy)

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EDIT 01/29/2012 10:31am: Please note the event name has changed and another performer has been added. Since this article was originally posted.

The Alternator Centre presents, Trickster in the Machine, an art inspired party with Djs, video mashup and live performance. The event will be hosted at the KCT Blackbox Theatre from 9pm—2am on Friday February 3. Join us in a celebration of technology and prophesy designed to challenge your expectations of progressive Hip Hop and Electronic experience.

Vancouver based group Skookum Sound, including DJ – Deano, VJ – Amphibian 14 and vocalist Csetkwe build a conscious party into a full dance – loose your mind type scenario.

The evening opens at 9:30pm with a live performance of Progressive Lyrical Hip Hop by Warren Hooley a.k.a AbruptFollowing this, DJ Darwin Frost, a.k.a Impossible Nothing, presents his fresh instrumental style, to ease the audience from the realm of hiphop into an evening of electronic dance.

DJ ON (Tim Fehr) will closes with an eclectic mix of experimental music and video featuring dance beats made from original recordings.

Admission is $12 or $5 for members.

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