The Kelowna Museums Collection Connection – Aliens Among Us

Every day we walk around and sometimes we notice the buildings we drive by, the people we walk by, we may even take in a view of the trees, the lake or look up to the sky. Most of the time, things look typical but did you know there are Aliens Among Us!

Have you ever stopped to smell the flowers and noticed the insects flying around, what about all those animals in the forest, the fish in the lake and the birds in the sky? Where do they all come from? British Columbia has over 4,000 invasive microorganism, plant and animal species and it is not always easy to identify them.

Aliens Among Us is a travelling exhibition created by the Royal BC Museum. This exciting and informative exhibition has made its first stop here in Kelowna at the Okanagan Heritage Museum and will teach you how to identify some of these invaders. Walk around the central gallery and see if you can identify any of the different intruders which have landed in our Province. You can even visit to keep track from home. From this website, which has been funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage for the Virtual Museum of Canada, you can upload the location of an alien sighting, put images of these aliens on the site and even add field notes. But perhaps one of the best features of the website is that you can ask questions and have a Royal BC Museum Invasive Species Expert give you the answer – how cool is that!

In addition to this you can put the Aliens Among Us App on your iPhone or iPad!!! Browse interesting facts and report sightings in real time, by doing this you can help our community to keep the alien numbers from growing and completely taking over our natural species.

This exhibition will be at the Okanagan Heritage Museum only until Saturday February 4th, 2012. The Okanagan Heritage Museum is located at 470 Queensway Ave. (next to the downtown bus loop) and is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Don’t miss your chance, head to the Museum with your family and friends and get up close and personal with an Alien!

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