Fashionate: A Tribute To An ICON

The world was shaken last weekend when the news of Miss Whitney Houston hit the headlines and for some people in my life, it shook them to the very core.  This inspired me to put my current flashy floral updates on hold and dedicated this week to Whitney’s 10 best looks of all time. Not only is she a musical Icon she took the fashion world by storm and was not afraid to take a risk with her continuous evolving style. Living through two decades of stardom leaves a lot of amazing photos of the good, bad, and the ugly style choices made. Of course, we will honour the most amazing both on and off the stage.

 This is a look from Whitney’s early years of stardom, it was all about sequins in the 80’s! Although she didn’t take a lot of risks with fashion she was knew what to wear and how to wear it. The sunny tiered skirt was a perfect way to add a splash of colour on stage. This look could be easily re-created today with a modern twist; Pair the sequin blazer with a solid black top, wear the skirt waist high with a pair of tights and ankle boots and that’s your Friday night dinner and drinks outfit!



I love this dress on Whitney and the world loved it again on Sex And The City: The Movie! This is a classic dress that has been re-worn with modern day styling. She looks so chic and sophisticated in this dress. It takes a bold beautiful woman to pull off a dress with giant flowers on one shoulder and she does it seamlessly.


Staying in her  comfort zone Whitney wore this long elegant black dress with a 90’s fashion statement; the wrap. Although she didn’t play with colour often it was a great way to add a splash of bright beautiful colours to a classic elegant look.  Remove the wrap, modernize the hairstyle and accessorize with some statement jewellery and this look could be brought into the 21st century in a flash. She looks timeless in this photo, and in 90’s fashion terms she is right on trend!



She looks so gorgeous in this photo. She looks like the true musical icon she is and the cut or the dress is so complimentary for her body type it is one of my favourite looks!



This is SO 80’s and there really isn’t any saving this hairstyle! In order to bring this popular 80’s look to the year of 2012 the awesome perm would need a MAJOR relaxing. Although adding a light weight a-line high-waisted skirt to her pale rose bodysuit would be a look any girl could pull off on a warm spring day. We laugh now but this was a fashion forward look back then!




This white hat would become on of Whitney’s signature looks over the year.





Seen here at the 1986 American Music Awards She looks stunning in the colour blocked blue tones. Although this look would be on fashions worst dressed list today, it was an elegant-yet-edgy look in 1986. Although, the metallic hue of her bow is seen in today’s fashion. This is not a cut that would be worn often to awards shows these days, but it would be a great dress to be inspired by. Nonetheless she looks like a knockout in this photo!



This is one of Whitney’s more outlandish looks of her career. It’s from her early years and although the style is not appropriate for today, sequins have remained in one fashion or another; only in more tailored or fitted pieces. She’s sporting a matching blazer and skirt and this look has been re-created and modernized all over the runways in recent years in bold hues of pinks and greens. Her hair is not something we would ever, EVER see today but she’s rocking it in this photo!




This form fitting dress fits Whitney like a glove and shows off her curves in all the right places! This may be considered a little over the top in today’s standards, although I would probably wear it as a mini with some black tights, she is looking more than fabulous with the bold black belt to tie it all together! Like any superstar, she loved sequins and glitz, but unlike many, she wore it tastefully.








R.I.P Whitney Houston. You will be missed. A superstar indeed.

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