Fashionate: Hair Edition!

We all know fashion isn’t just about the clothing we put on our backs it is your head to toe look that creates the perfect look.

The guests of Loyal Hair Therapy have been dying to know what’s hot for spring summer 2012, so why not share it with the rest of the community!

The runways for spring/summer have been flooded with low maintenance classic looks; this year is all about revival.  Take some of the most influential hair of the 20th century; infuse them with quality and our modern touch and you will get the hottest hair for 2012

Long hair is dominant in Kelowna and you cannot walk 3 steps without seeing long blonde curly hair.  Although we are still seeing the blonde curls they have been toned down to a more natural blonde with a soft bounce throughout your long layers. This look is inspired heavily by the 70’s retro look and girls are LOVING IT.  Although hair is longer and layers have been grown out we are still seeing a lot of movement and creating your very own curls at home is very popular this year.  Soft and eye-catching, homemade curls paired with a deep parting are feminine and quirky.   They are a great way to alter your classic ‘Kim Kardashian’ look that looks so ‘done’ and transform it into a brand new summer look for 2012

Keeping in tune with the year of revival the NEW rockabilly look is making waves in the world of women this year. Beginning in Men’s Fashion this look has crossed over into women’s fashion to take the stage. Although most of the looks you will see are way over the top and not for street wear it is a fabulous look to be inspired by when you are dressing in 50’s androgynous for a night on the town.



Perfect for a HOT Kelowna summer day the ‘wet look’ is huge for 2012 hairstyles. From perfectly slicked to wild and textured. Pulled back and pinned or long and flowing free the wet look finish has taken over the world of hair. Most are hesitant at first but if done correctly and the proper product is applied this is a chic look that can take you from day to night. This is a MUST try!


The deep side part has taken over the centre. Although the centre part can still be seen in our long 60’s and 70’s inspired looks the side part is the new trend for the year. It can be crossed with most of this year’s fashion trends and paired with almost any other hair trend it is a fabulous new twist to the world of hair. When you are choosing your side part it largely depends on the thickness of your hair, and the style of which you are pairing your part with.  Don’t  be afraid, it can never be too deep!

In the desert heat of the Okanagan most often girls are pulling up their precious locks from June forward and they can do it with extreme style this year! Of course a favourite and now a classic is the top knot but some different and fun new looks we have seen this year include the looped ponytail, and the half-up half down.  The looped pony tail is a cross between the pony tail and a bun, more pony than bun it is SO easy to do yourself, and it looks fantastic. A great look to be paired with a deep side part.


Frakas, Blonde, The Wardrobe, take your pick these are all going to be the perfect boutique stores to compliment your fabulous new look for summer. Don’t forget a fabulous new head scarf to protect your locks and rock a fashion forward trend!


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