Masters of Reverie

Jesse, Jacquie, and Matt performing at the Penticton Art Gallery

As mentioned earlier in the week I attended the Jesse Dee and Jacquie B performance in the Tearoom at the Penticton Art Gallery, performance commencing Wednesday night. Although we showed up a tad early we were warmly greeted by PAG Curator, Paul Crawford and his beautiful wife Julie, and were given time to meander through the gallery rooms and soak in the various artistic pieces. I’ve not been to a musical performance at an art gallery before and found the entire night to be incredibly magical. Coffee, tea, and hot apple cider was served in the Tearoom and as the people started to file in, the band stayed near the entrance to welcome their guests until it was time for them to hit the stage.

Matt Blackie keepin it real on drums and vocals

Paul Crawford introduces “The Travelling Troubadours” (as he calls them) and we all take our seats. The next 2 hours are ones I will never forget! Jesse Dee and Jacquie B, along with their drummer Matt Blackie create a sound together that transcends auditory magic. My imagination was inundated with scenes of places I’ve never been before, each song different from the last and with each place we “traveled” a different emotion was shared. It was so fascinating that this trio could evoke so much emotion in their deeply reflective box car blues, it was captivating.

Jesse Dee rippin it up on the guitar

They are not strangers to the road, and admittedly produce music accordingly. In having the opportunity to talk with Jacquie, the trio hit 14 music festivals last year alone and are anxious to get their new self titled album out this spring in preparation for the upcoming festival season.

In speaking of the upcoming album – ever so cloaked in mystery… the band under the current name “Jesse Dee and Jacquie B” now have a third player, the fabulous Matt Blackie and are undergoing a group name change before the new album is released. A few of the new songs were played Wednesday night and I need to include a major WOW factor with what we heard, we pre-ordered the album which will be mailed out to us in a month or so, and I CAN’T WAIT.

I strongly urge you to check out their website at There are samples of their tunes on the site that you can preview as well as purchase.

Spectacular accordian work by Jacquie B

A special thanks to the remarkable Lisa Haywood of Lisa Haywood Photography for taking these beautiful photos of the event. Her work is available to view on her website (website is under construction, although portfolios are available for viewing.) If you would like to contact Lisa please find her on Facebook by clicking here, or by email at Also, if your in or around the Penticton area, do yourself a favour and check out the Penticton Art Gallery, there are events and classes held all the time, its a truly fantastic place to spend your time!

That’s all for now folks, but until next time remember:

Seven days without laughter makes one weak.” (Joel Goodman)


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