Why do I love the OK? Because I’m able to hear the sweet sounds of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra

The Okanagan is jam packed with all sorts of goodies, especially those that captivate your senses. Whether it be fruit, wine, music or sunshine, we’ve got it all. Music was on my mind after hearing a glimpse of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra on CBC radio Friday morning and learning they had a concert that night. A friend and I jumped at the chance to attend and once we got tickets, we were all smiles.

The talents demonstrated by the OSO at their “Symphony at the Movies” performance was indeed captivating! It brought me to fully appreciate their slogan “See It…Hear It…Love It!”.  Scores from Harry Potter, The Pink Panther, Star Wars and The Red Violin were beautifully played to an enthusiastic, full house. The ever so cheerful and charismatic Music Director Rosemary Thomson did a fantastic job at engaging the audience and giving us the DL on the tunes about to be played. Even though I knew the pieces well and had heard them in the movies or on a CD zillions of times, hearing the live versions were simply stupendous!

Add the OSO to your list of A-OK things to do!

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