Broken Record

Presented by The UBCO Interdisciplinary Performance Program

Aren’t we all broken records? Since early childhood we learn through imitation, by copying others and the world around us. But the human body is like analog technology and, no matter how hard we try, the copy is never exactly the same as the original. Things transform as we repeat them.

This performance is a record of our process: the discoveries we made by recycling the sources that inspire us and repeating and copying the input we gave each other. And this record is by its very nature incomplete, full of loops and gaps, for you to fill in or tune in to.

Made and Performed by:
Jason Chan, Carson Cheng, Lee Cinnamon, Dill Claxton, Sarah Griffith, Natalia Hautala, Rhian Jack, Kate Janus, Kevin Jesuino, Dean Krawchuk, Tristan MacKinlay, Scott Mendonca, Brianne Messing, Shimshon Obadia, Trestan Shunter and Melissa Stein.

In collaboration with Ozgul Akinci and Nikki Cormaci, along with Guest Artist Instructor, Ame Henderson, and 2012 Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies Artist-in-Residence, Guy Cools.

Where: Kelowna Community Theatre (1375 Water St)
When: April 2, 3 & 4, 2012 — 8:00PM
How Much: $10 / $5 Students
For: Everyone

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