My Wife’s Notes – 2010 See Ya Later Ranch Riesling – Chicken Pesto Quesadilla

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Chicken Pesto Quesadilla

  • 4 large flour tortilla shells
  • pesto
  • boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 2 cups Monterey Jack cheese
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • hot sauce

In a covered baking dish, bake the chicken in the oven at 350F until fully cooked throughout (about 20 minutes). Remove from heat, and while the chicken is cooling enough to handle, prepare the tortilla shells.  Lay them on the counter, and using a large spoon, spread pesto on one half of each of the shells.  Slice the baked chicken into strips or cubes, and distribute between the shells. Spread the dried cranberries evenly, add hot sauce to taste, top with cheese, and then fold over the quesadilla to make a half-circle.

Heat up a large frypan on the stove top, and cook each quesadilla, flipping occasionally, making sure to not burn the tortilla.  Once the tortilla is crispy, remove from the pan, cut into triangles, and serve with a dollop of pesto and/or salsa.

Alana and I like to recreate our favorite restaurant meals at home, and the Chicken Pesto Quesadilla from Cactus Club is right at the top of Alana’s list. Tasty and quick, the pesto and cheese is a great mid-week meal served with soup or salad on the side. And wine. Obviously.

Ahhhhh Rieslings. I’ve tried most of the examples Okanagan has to offer, and the See Ya Later Ranch version is one of the best values our there.  Especially when you can find it on sale.

My Notes:

Huge notes of green apple hit you right off the bat, as you take a crisp first sip.  Sweet and tangy, this is a classic example of an Okanagan Riesling with plenty of mineral in the finish.  This wine is best served quite cold; the flavors become a bit muddled as the wine warms up. 87 points.

My Wife’s Notes:

“It’s good…yeah, that’s it. I’ll be honest, I’m too distracted by The Bachelor to give you a better description right now.”

2010 See Ya Later Ranch Riesling. $16.99 ($14.99 on sale for a limited time) at BC Liquor Stores.

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