Fashionate: The Beautiful Colours of Spring

There is no doubt a very obvious trend with the spring 2012 fashion with the explosion of colour hitting the shelves of our local retail stores.  Designers made a conscious decision to avoid the doom and gloom of neutral minimalistic colours from 2011 and bring life back into the world of fashion. With yummy cocktail tones, such as strawberry daiquiri, coral and canary yellow men and women alike are taking this trend to the next level.

With coloured denim almost every store window it has been hard to avoid as winter wear slips away to the discount racks. Although I am a fan and I plan on adding to my loud collection of bottoms, I believe there is a way they should be worn, with gentle care and attention. It is a piece of clothing that can add life to an otherwise sad outfit, but if worn in incorrectly it will go from sleek to cheap in a flash. I have also been pleasantly surprised with the different options of cut various brands have to offer.

For example; I stumbled upon the most amazing cigarette cut ina fresh coral tone in the Material Girl section at The Bay. The straight lines and cropped bottom give the pants a fresh new look with structured lines and a chic look. Pair them with a neutral tank or a pale violet blouse and you can take this look straight to the office! Although both pieces are coloured they complement each other well and of course you are combining another spring hit; colour blocking, into your look.

Almost every local store will have a variation of coloured pants for spring so take the time to try on a few different pairs to find your perfect fit!

As the days get warmer we will soon ditch the denim for a fabric more forgiving! That brings me into the next best, and my favourite, trend of the season. FLORAL. Flowers are back and they are preparing for a takeover. Although the runways have been flooded with head to toe floral ensembles, streetwear will take it into moderation(hopefully!) with a light floral linen pant or a paisley summer dress.

Being as shoes are my absolute favourite item on Earth I am absolutely in love with all of the chunky 70’s inspired sandals in the many different floral patterns. Shoes are also a great way to wear colours if clothing scares you simply pair your favourite outfit with a bright hue of your choice and you will be runway ready!

Overall I’m obsessed with everything spring 2012 and I am so excited to see all the okanaganista’s bring these over the top colours and prints come to life!

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