The Show

Last Saturday Kelowna was treated to a variety-style art event at Habitat. The Show was THE art party of Spring 2012, featuring the work of over 30 artists with music, photography, spoken word, painting and film. Their goal was to break out of the lackluster state the Kelowna art scene has been in over the winter and get everyone talking again, and it definitely felt like that was happening.

Artists included: Dylan Lenz, Tanatswa Pfende, Anastasia Fox, Tristan MacKinlay, James Masz, Bethany Edwards, Tim Smith, Per Wall, Dean Krawchuck, Malcolm McCormick, Kristi Hemingson, Kevin Jesuino, Asher Klassen, Ashleigh Green, Nicole Young, Alia Popoff, Erika Edgecombe, Kelsie Balehowsky, Lucas Glenn, Andy Ruffett, Kathryn Holden, Nadine Bradshaw, Asif Hossain, Hans Lujan, Jessica Bonney, Stephanie Zahara, Corie Waugh, Alex Webster, Madeleine Belanger and others.

Jeff Willard snapped a few photos of the event before the night got really busy.

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