Thomas Kjorven Releases Lamp Lit

As a producer and owner of Soul Musikj Records, Thomas Kjorven has been evolving over the years as he continuously creates new material and collaborates with other local artists. As an artist he has always leaned towards urban beats and a more production-heavy Hip Hop/Neo Soul but has never really jumped with both feet in… he wanted to be able to re-create the sound live. This time around, Kjorven threw all that out the window and made a conscious effort to go abstract with the ‘Lamp Lit’. Blending real instruments and heavy electronic beats/sounds, pulling influences from Soul, Folk, Electro, Reggae, Hip Hop and (Kelowna’s favourite) Dubstep while maintaining the easy listening and soulful flavour he’s made a name in.

Kjorven recently hooked up with two friends who happen to be pretty awesome with their respected intruments and they’ve started playing shows together. With Ethan Foster on guitar and Kristian O’Dwyer on the bass, they’ve captured a unique live sound where Kjorven creates his signature loops to structure the songs, while Kristian holds the groove together with funk-flavoured bass, and Ethan brings the edgy indie guitar to cuts through the mix. Kjorven was saying, “I obviously needed to get them into the studio and recorded their mad skills on a number of tracks featured on ‘Lamp lit’. Any time you bring another musician into the mix your sound expands into a space you couldn’t predict.”

On his sounds, “I really try to let every song breathe its own breath and create it own structure, and by that I mean not allowing my self to structure any of the songs by commercial song structure standards. Each song on ‘Lamp Lit’ is unfiltered musical goodness coming from the most organic of places.’

As both a producer and as an Artist, Kjorven is very proud of this album, and we’re stoked to see him collaborating on all his pieces with local musicians. Thomas has truly intergrated himself in the local scene, nice work my friend.

Download the entire album free at

Or catch the CD Release Party:
Where: Habitat – 248 Leon Ave, Kelowna
When: Friday, March 8 at 8:00pm
How Much: $15
For: This event is 19+

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