A-OK Rooftop Sessions: beekeeper

beekeeper visited our fair region Wednesday for a show at Habitat and we connected in an attempt to arrange a Rooftop Session if we could all find the time. The day was trying very hard to share with us its summer vibe, and while there was only about an hour of pure sunlight all day, that hour appeared the second we were ready to start their set.

beekeeper performs their song “Take Me Back (To the Place)” right on the roof of Habitat. Incidentally, the same song was part of our A-OK Mixcast Sixteen this month. Never the types to shy away from a challenge, we chose to make this A-OK Rooftop Session un-acoustic (otherwise known as plugged-in). Yeah. Try hauling some huge ass amps up two rickety ladders some day.

Just kidding, don’t. It’s incredibly dangerous totally worth it.

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