All Hail the Hike! Scenic Canyon with Dr. Adventure

Who’s ready for a little bit of adventure?! I know I am, or I wouldn’t have recently packed it all up and moved here from California. The Okanagan is jam packed with adventurous people, intriguing nooks and crannies, and weather to suite most expeditions. So, Kelownafornians, here is the first tasting of many upcoming Okanagan adventures with yours truly. Not only are these adventures going to help you see a little bit more of your back yard, but they have this convenient little side effect called “health”. I implore you to get out there and make the most beautiful place on earth your very own. Since I am a Doctor, which is derived directly from the word “teacher”, I’ll even show you how…

Not only is this an article about hiking, it is about a lovely jaunt which happened to occur during a miniature hail-storm.  Also, hiking is a praise-worthy equalizer of interests in outdoor activities (hence the double entendre of a title). It’s pretty hard not to enjoy a fine stroll through a wooded area now and then. So, on a Sunday morning in the middle of March, the wife and I took off on our first ever Okanagan hike: Scenic Canyon Regional Park.

Aside from hearing all about the outdoor lifestyle and fantastic adventures that are a part of the Okanagan décor, we really knew very little of where to go for our first hike. Scenic Canyon was a perfect place for a mellow introduction to our impending exploration of BC’s great interior.

The park entrance, just beyond Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort, is easily accessible and the trailhead is clearly marked beside an information kiosk. We soon found ourselves mucking through the park on the way to some great views. There is a nice bit of variety in the park. Some steep hills and mellow spans, some dense trees and canopied forests, and even a flowing creek.

The trails themselves are made up of gravel, dirt, sand, or a mix. This makes it nice and easy on the tootsies (and those of your canine friends too). Although Amanda and I did some amusing dances in an attempt to regain lost footing on some icy pathways, I am sure that there will be no rinks in sight once you set foot in the little wonderland.

Scores of majestic trees are strewn throughout this park, their humble brown and extraordinary rusty orange bark coats shining through a sparse covering of ancient green moss. Also interspersed with the grass and evergreens are giant rock formations (one of which looks like it may angrily ingest my wife).

Don’t let my geological fallacy dissuade you; there are still many well-mannered cliffs wishing you a cheery time whilst you’re on your merry way. Most notably, the iconic Layer Cake Hill and Pinnacle Rock pear sociably through the greenery as you and your friends survey the surroundings.

Don’t forget to swing by the creek side on your way through this wonderful woodland. Often as mesmerizing as a campfire, the flow of nature-enlivening water always seems to bring me into perspective while adding a crisp touch of clarity to my time out of doors.

From the parking lot to the first kiosk and back is approximately 5 KM, depending on your side-trail detours. If you’re in the mood for something more strenuous or lengthy, the trails continue well beyond our venture. In fact, the entire park covers 220 acres of land, located just minutes from town.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your healthy adventure on.

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