Fashionate: The Longest Lasting Piece of Clothing

Every couple of months I like to assure a girls longest lasting article of clothing isn’t forgotten; Her hair! With Spring in full swing I have noted the explosion of colour on the streets of Kelowna, all the way from Coral pumps to Katy Perry inspired hair!

Anybody close to me will tell you I’m obsessed with the European craze of pastel, pink or blue hair right now and I have been plotting my cotton candy pink locks for months.  It took over the fashion week runways and audiences alike. It may be OTT for the beach in Kelowna, and to be honest, VERY impractical to play in the sun and water but a Euro-canadian twist is the way I like to do things. By adding a fashion tone such as a pastel pink, or cobalt blue hair extension in just one area for a punch of colour it will guarantee longevity in the colour and it doesn’t damage your hair. There is no better way to bring a piece of the runway to life.

Done by the L'Oreal Professionnel Team

A trend that we have seen a lot more of in North America; the Ombre look with bleached out tips and natural roots. This look is either loved or hated with nobody in between. There are extremes with the placement of this colour and girls that are not posing for the cover of vogue or tromping down the runway generally opt for the more natural end of the Ombre spectrum. I believe if executed properly Ombre is a sexy sophisticated hairstyle, but when done wrong it is an ugly excuse for leaving your roots for 6 months. To make Ombre wearable for everyday life here are a few tips: Make sure your hair is long enough so there Is enough hair to notice a contrast, anything below the shoulders is the perfect length. Don’t only colour the ends of your hair, go into a salon and get it done by a professional, you will be much happier with the results than attempting it alone in your bathroom! The contrast between the ends and your roots should not be more than 2 or 3 levels. Lighter blondes to medium browns suit this look the best with texture in the hair such as a slight wave or curl.

Texture is popular in both garments and tresses for summer 2012. We live in the land of lakes, and sea-salt beach head has never been more popular. A ‘un-done-done’ hairstyle is so great to take you from lounging in city park, browsing the street vendors, to a night on top of one of the many choice rooftop patios to enjoy the cool breeze.

Blonde highlights are always a great go-to style for summer, don’t be afraid to try a new tone or change up your cut with a new fringe or enhancing your natural texture. Colour Change is so fantastic if you are growing your hair and are deathly bored of your locks. My bold Fashionista guest went from over highlighted blonde to a rich shiny chestnut that made her blue eyes glow!

However you choose to do your hair, wear it with confidence and OWN your style whatever it is. Check out Loyal Hair Therapy online at or Like our page on Facebook to see what our talented stylists are up to!

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