Fashionate: Tips for your Fingertips!

Clothing is the ultimate way to make your fashion statement known, and unfortunately, there are times when you cannot express yourself through your beloved threads. In this dreadful situation we must use what our momma’s gave us and show off our nails!

Bold statement nails are a huge trend this summer, whether they are stick on, glue on or painted on there is a style to meet every girls needs. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is very well known colour is dominant this season from pink hair to coral shoes, people watching has become pleasantly more colourful. If you are not ready to take the leap into a hot pink blazer begin at your tips. The top hues for this year are of course, green and Tangerine. Hunter green was a dominant tone during the winter months, with the flowers blossoming we are seeing more pistachio’s and emerald greens to reflect the seasonal change. Choose a polish with creamy undertones and solid colours; you want to have noticeable colour on your nails, especially when it’s green!

Tangerine is a HUGELY amazing colour that you can pair with almost anything. When you are making your polish decision with this summer hue, the choices will be an orange or red undertone. An orange undertone will present a more playful fun nail whereas red is striking and strong, Both are great choices so why not experiment with both!



Staying on trend with crowd stopping colours, neon nails are a fun flirty way to brighten up any rainy day. If you have a uniform at work or find yourself drifting toward neutral tones with your wardrobe, step way outside the box and choose an opaque neon hue such as canary yellow, or majestic blue. You are sure to stop anybody in their tracks to admire your colourful nails.


Pretty pinks will never go out of style, simply choose your favourite pink, pair a sunhat, your favourite bikini and a new pair of sunnies and you are set for the Okanagan beaches!

Nails are a great way to experiment with colour and new fashion trends without investing your life savings into a new wardrobe. Nails can bring any classic outfit to reflect current trends. Kelowna offers a wide variety of nail bars from private rock star nail artists, to high end spas that offer services.  O’spa, Mirror Mirror, At Your Fingertips, just to name a few, are some of the best nail salons in town! See you all on the beaches!

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