“Fit For A King” The Renaissance of Real Food

I came across this, and thought you might find it interesting. A holistic nutritionist and a rock ‘n’ roller join forces to prepare meals “Fit For A King” using only a vintage Vespa, real food, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Together, they’ll change the country in just 13 episodes.

The first season of Fit For A King is currently in production, being filmed entirely in the Okanagan Valley.

In each episode, hosts James Blonde, and Lisa Kilgour, leave their “home” at picturesque God’s Mountain Estate, in search of an outdoor adventure nearby, featuring and exploring the beautiful surroundings the Okanagan has to offer.

With over 100 wineries in the region, Fit For A King will feature a selected winery for each episode, meeting with vintners to choose an exquisite, locally sourced wine.

“The show will visit organic, holistic and free-range farms and markets – all within the valley – in search of real, whole food, with which we will prepare delicious, nutritious meals,” adds Trance Blackman, the show’s co-producer, co-creator, and photographer.

Fit For A King will not only entertain you – with the most beautiful vistas, outdoor adventures, and interesting guests – but also educate, motivate, and inspire you to return to a simple, enriched, healthy lifestyle.

“We’ve set out to film and capture the wineries, outdoor activities, and the natural beauty of the Okanagan, in the most complimentary way.  We’re presenting our back garden to the world. Additionally, our goal for the show is to be distributed to over 90 countries,” says Blonde, show creator and producer.

The producers feel that the general public want to change – need to change, but are confused about the plethora of information out there. They feel it’s too expensive or complicated to eat well and cook real food. With this show, the producers aim to dispel the myths, clear up the confusion, and demonstrate how easy it can be to live a lifestyle Fit For A King.

Find out more about the show at fitforaking.co

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