Ogopogo vs. Darrin Rose

“Human. It is on.” –The Ogopogo

On March 31 Comedian Darrin Rose wrote an article in the National Post Travel section about his favourite things in Kelowna, BC. He will be performing in Kelowna at the Mary Irwin Theatre on Saturday, April 21 as part of his Chasing Manhood Tour. In this article Darrin stated:

“The best Kelowna landmark is the Ogopogo statue, a tribute to the legendary sea monster that haunts Okanagan Lake. I respect the aplomb of a people who created a legend out of what was, in all likelihood, a floating log.”

The Ogopogo did not take kindly to Darrin’s remark. The Ogopogo took to twitter to air his grievance:


Two-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee Darrin Rose does not take threats from lake monsters lightly so he has decided to take this twitter beef to YouTube

Who will be victorious? Who will win #MeatCountdown2012? The infamous dweller of Okanagan Lake, The Ogopogo? Or star of CBC’s Mr D, Darrin Rose?

Where: The Mary Irwin Theatre (421 Cawston Avenue)
When: Saturday, April 21, 2012 — 8:00PM
How Much: $29
For: Everyone

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