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Adaline live @ Streaming Cafe

Beloved artist Adaline is taking her brand of ethereal and wildly hooky pop to Streaming Cafe on June 2nd @ 10 pm.  This is the first tour in support of the sophomore release Modern Romantics (Light Organ/Universal Music).

Recorded at Toronto’s Canterbury Studios and produced by Adaline and collaborators/co-producers Hawksley Workman, Marten Tromm, and Tino Zolfo, Modern Romantics has received rave reviews from music critics, and features some uber-cool musical appearances by Shuffle Demon Richard Underhill (sax) and Hawksley Workman (guitar).  Often compared to the likes of Fiona Apple, Bat for Lashes, and Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Adaline achieves near Judy Garland levels of melodrama on “That’s What You Do Best”, the stately electro-torch song that opens the album and stayed in the Top 30 on CBC Radio 3 for an impressive 12 weeks.  The music video for lead-off single “The Noise” had its online world premiere in Andy Warhol’s iconic Interview Magazine, cracked the Top 20 on MuchMore Music, and garnered over 100,000 Youtube views in its first week.

Hollywood has also taken note of Adaline.  Shortly after the release of Modern Romantics, the song “Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even)” was featured on Grey’s Anatomy mid-season finale late last year.  A couple of weeks later, Adaline’s song “Sparks” was again featured on the hit series — almost back-to-back episode placements.  Other notable music features include 90210, Ringer, Royal Pains, Rookie Blue, Degrassi, Bomb Girls, Heartland and the upcoming Samuel L. Jackson thriller The Samaritan.

Adaline will be joining CBC Radio 3/Green Couch Productions Tracks On Tracks, the ultimate Canadian rock ‘n’ rail adventure aboard VIA Rail, at the end of her headlining Western run.  The cross-Canada, five-day-and-four-night trip and music showcase leaves Vancouver on June 8 – with stops in Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg – and arrives in Toronto on June 13 in time for the NXNE Music Festival.

Get tickets for Adaline’s Saturday, June 2nd (10pm) engagement at the cafe online @ or at the Streaming Cafe(596 Leon Ave.)

Where: Streaming Cafe (596 Leon Avenue, Kelowna)
When: Saturday, June 2, 2012 — 10:00pm
How Much: $12
For: Everyone

Tweet With #aokendlesssummer

We want YOU to get involved this summer, but rather than tell us why you love summer in the A-OK, we want you to show us! With all the photo apps out there available on your smart phones and all the different ways to access Twitter, we’d love to see what you get up to this season and share it with everyone else! We want you to abuse Instagram and Hipstamatic, take advantage of any camera you have and your (potentially) sleepy Twitter account and post amazing photos of you and your friends having fun using the hashtag #aokendlesssummer and we’ll retweet and re-post the great images you share with everyone else!

Music by Teen Daze, his song “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”

Fashionate: Summer Tips and Tricks

The sun is shining, cruiser bikes are out and beach days are just around the corner. The weather and lifestyle is why most of us reside in the Okanagan, and we all take pride in being fabulous inside and out.

I teamed up with a few of my favourite local girls to help me out with a few summer tips to keep your hair, skin, hands and toes in check.

As a senior hair stylist at Loyal Hair Therapy I see sun damaged, dry, brittle hair come to my chair all summer long. Although, we have a variety of Kerastase and Shu Uemura reconstructive treatments to repair the hair, I constantly encourage my amazing and loyal guests to invest into their hair and protect it from the sun, wind and heat. If you are heading out for a day on the boat; blow dry an anti-humectant, such as Kerastase Nectar Thermique, into your hair to protect and SEAL your cuticle. Finish off your style for the day with Kerastase Soleil Voile Celeste, not only does it protect from UV rays it has amazing shimmer for your locks! Never leave the house without a little serum or oil for your beach bag to freshen up your ends after a walk along the beach, or run it through lengths and ends after a swim to get air dried beach hair without the frizz.

As a working professional throughout the summer, I have to keep my hands and feet looking magnificent at all times, which can be a challenge during the summer months as I tend to spend more time outdoors. I turned to Shelby Leanne, a local nail artist who finds inspiration for her nail creations through all the latest trends of the season. She reminds us that nail maintenance is the number one way to keep our hands and feet looking sharp this season. Simply use a cuticle pusher after a shower or washing the dishes to keep your cuticles pushed back and clean. Washing our hands is part of our everyday lives, post soaps and sanitizers moisturizing is so important to keep your skin quenched. Be creative and have fun blending different oils and scents together to create a signature moisturizer scent for summer 2012.

Finally, whether you are having a Friday night mani/pedi party or getting an En Vogue set done by Shelby, add a twist to a natural French tip with complimentary neon colours as an accent colour. Shelby also reminds us not to be afraid of asymmetry this season!

To perfect your fingers and toes you can reach Shelby at: Tantalizing Talons by Shelby Leanne 250-864-8355

Cheri Chung’s work can be spotted all over the Okanagan, specializing in make-up, Cheri has just the right tips and tricks to having a perfect face with the low maintenance work that we all want during the hot summer months. With wedding season in full swing Cheri is up from dawn ‘till dusk working tirelessly on brides and bridesmaids alike, unfortunately the hot summer months are a make-up artists, and any girl for that matter’s, worst enemy. Cheri has a trio of heat-proof methods to keep you flawless this Awesome Okanagan summer. Less is more, keep it simple and be a little lazy. 3 or 4 products is the maximum amount that should be used this summer, think minimum effort for maximum impact

PRIME & SET! – When you truly need morning until night stay power, these 2 steps are absolutely essential! Customize primers to your features’ needs.  WATERPROOF – You can’t expect your makeup to last through a day’s worth of sweat, sun, and oil… Unless that’s what it’s designed to do!







CLICK HERE ( to get the full scoop on these and so many more of Cheri’s Summer-Proof Makeup Methods!

With these simple tips you will stay flawless head to toe all summer long! Visit for more details on our exclusive product lines! Don’t forget your sunscreen! Xo

These People Are A-OK: Tanja Woloshen

If you have spent much time at the RCA this week, you have probably seen a nymph dancing around the Alternator gallery, or someone drawing precariously from the top of a ladder. Those two women are Tanja Woloshen and me – Brit Bachmann – installing for Tanja’s performance piece, Room for the Underdog happening this Friday.

Tanja is a live artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher from Winnipeg, currently based in the Okanagan. She is a UBCO MFA candidate, and Room for the Underdog marks the end of her degree. Although this weekend’s performance encompasses many themes, it is primarily an exploration of queer and gender studies. Tanja, being one of the most manically difficult women to pin down, agreed to an email interview:

It is impossible to discuss your art without mentioning rhizome. For those who don’t know, rhizome is a botany term that refers to the lateral growth of roots. It is a contemporary remodelling of the word, rhizousthai, which means to take root. How is rhizome interpreted in your performance practice?
Yes! The rhizome! Thanks for bringing this up. It was near the beginning of my MFA program where I was feeling a bit like my head was lost in dense theory clouds, and my body felt very ungrounded. As a dancer, this feeling was quite unsettling to my practice to say the least, scary even. It was during a session in the dance studio, as I was improvising and preparing for a show, that the notion of rooting came through my movement and lyrical writing. I became very interested in how through the body we can connect new, past, and present experiences, and how they are / we are growing sideways, intertwining as part of a larger cosmology. It was from that curiosity that I structured a piece called lady rhizome. I can say that this way of being and perceiving – rhizomatics – has influenced my entire body of work, far more than any vertical, hegemonic or capitalist system The rhizome in my art lends to feminist, queer, and maybe  even ecological perspectives.

One fact that people may not know about you is your insatiable fascination with hmmm… objects. A few weeks ago you were kind enough to give me a tour of your studio, which features many of these object. I got to witness you dance through these props with a playfulness that I haven’t experienced myself since I was a child. Are these meant to channel your inner child, or do they serve another purpose?
Haha! Yes- I am working with many ‘objects’ in Room for the Underdog, and I appreciate your discretion keeping them surprises for the show! The early research stages of this work focused on recognizing queerness; I was stumbling with how I wanted to explore this, without say, creating a queer wedding- which has been done before and is very politically complex. As I broadened my perspective, I thought of children, of how/when/why we teach them about ‘normal’ and how children are queer. By that, I mean that children are queer in time and space with their imaginations and perceptions of the world. I started to introduce my ‘objects’ to create a space loaded with memories of celebrations, anniversaries and rituals. I also like using them as metaphors of containers. They’re also suynthetic and fragile and fascinating… I could go on!

I am going to digress to a little self-flattery now- what attracts you to my continuous line drawings? Although we specialize in different mediums, our styles complement each other quite well. Why do you think that is?
Brit Bachmann, yes! You deserve some flattery, absolutely. It’s a bit magnificent that I found you! I feel so very lucky. In a very early stage of Room for the Underdog, I had taped some drawings to my studio wall, thinking I would expand them for my show. I wanted to intuitively create a space that was like a queer paracosm. However, creating drawings would have been a huge stretch for my practice. Rewind six months to when I attended a show in the FINA Gallery at UBCO- I saw an unfolded, almost accordion-like booklet of line drawings that completely intrigued me. So much so, that I took a picture of the work and made a mental note to find the artist. Fast forward to a couple months ago- I was asking around for artist recommendations and Amy Modahl suggested you! I love when connections happen like this. You and I were a collaboration waiting to bloom! And to answer your question, your work appeals to me because it branches off the same energy that I dance to; it seems that we both speak rhizome.

One of our first conversations was about how you practice butoh as an expression of your studies in gender. Can you elaborate?
Butoh, like the rhizome philosophy I mentioned earlier, is about dancing inter-connectively with the universe. The dancing body in butoh isn’t so concerned with gender, it is itself a queer practice in a way. The dance of butoh is a practice of transformation, fluid identities, experiences and shapeshifting perceptions. This may sound overly thoughtful, but it is actually quite freeing. To dance, and allow your body to be like a channel or a conduit is both empowering and humbling. In butoh dance, both feminine and masculine qualities ebb and flow. Although its energy can be very sexual at times, it is a non-gender specific practice, which is refreshing to experience.

Although they can be meditative, practices such an butoh still require an incredible amount of physical and mental endurance. How do you keep your body and mind in sync? Are there certain ways you prepare for your performances?
Definitely. Oftentimes people see butoh onstage or in film, and see it as slow or boring. Still curious, these people take a workshop and KABAM! Hooked. Because the work is largely guided by internal images – which could be anything from wrestling ghosts, having ants overcome your body, or having flowers blossom from your pores – the bodymind need to be both strong and relaxed. Butoh practices for me includes an immense amount of cardiovascular exercise, visualization of movement, and meditation. When I am sourcing a new work, I can spend hours in the studio. I rely on a responsive relationship with my bodymind as I create.

Friday’s performance at the Alternator is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of university study in performance and art history. Now that you will have your Master’s degree, what comes next?
Thank you. It’s nice to see the light and the end of the tunnel! I have been extremely fortunate to keep up my teaching practice and develop my pedagogy in addition to my studies. At UBCO I have had the delightful fortune of teaching movement classes in the performance stream, and (hopefully) inspiring students to discover themselves in their bodies. After my time at UBCO I will be continuing to teach. Fingers crossed! I also have a few dance projects in the cooker: a collaboration with Paris to Kyiv and Balanced Records, a group work about Temple Grandin, and the next shard to a series called Doctrine of Signatures: i Bloodroot, a project I began a few years ago that documents my time in British Columbia. If any botanists out there would like to suggest an indigenous Okanagan plant as this signature, I would be thrilled to hear about it this weekend.

Where: Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art (421 Cawston Ave, Unit 103, Kelowna)
When: Friday, May 25, 2012 — 3:00pm—6:00pm
Artist Reception: Saturday, May 26, 2012 — 5:00pm—7:00pm
How Much: Free
For: Everyone

Life is About Creating Yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

RTOWN: ZipZone Adventure Park

We had a complete blast filming with the crew at ZipZone. What an amazing operation they’ve got in Peachland… be sure to check out their website, then book your own adventure!

JP Hoe | catchy, melodic, engaging

Few things present one to the world like one’s name.  It represents you when you’re not around, it marks your place in the phone book or on the concert poster, and, despite what we might want to think, it leaves an impression of who we are.

JP Hoe has a quick, no-nonsense working name, with elements of down-to-earth and star quality mixed together.

Music – their music – is the next thing that presents a musical artist to the world. And JP Hoe’s music jumps right out at you. Quickly and easily accessible, it doesn’t demand deep pondering and multiple listens to become familiar: I clicked on the link that Michael sent me, and right off the bat I found myself thinking, “Hey, this guy is good”. Then I read further in Michael’s descriptive paragraph and saw his take on JP: “He is really good”.

You’ve got to check JP’s music out for yourself; there’s no way I’ll be able to do it justice with words. Catchy, melodic, engaging; some of the terms we’ve used for years serve very well to describe the tunes of JP Hoe.

JP Hoe will be in Kelowna at Streaming Café on May 26, fresh from stops in Victoria and Vancouver on the two preceding nights, and hot on the heals of the release of his new album Mannequin in Winnipeg on May 10.

According to his website, JP started playing guitar in high school because he figured it was the best way for a shy kid to meet girls.

It musta done the trick, because he opened for Jann Arden on her 2007 Canadian tour. And she’s a girl. JP also sold 2,500 copies of his EP, The Live Beta Project, through that show-opening gig. Some indie artists struggle to ever sell that many copies of any one particular album, so it certainly seems like Hoe struck a chord with the Arden audiences.

When JP built on the success of that EP and released his debut full-length project The Dear John Letters, the Western Canadian Music awards applauded his efforts in 2008 with nominations in the top pop recordings and top songwriting categories.

Besides the catchiness and accessibility of his music, JP’s sense of humour comes through, too, in things like the title of his annual Christmas show (The JP Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Show) and in comments like this one on his website’s ‘news’ section: “…the record is done. It’s called Mannequin, and as you can tell from the album cover, even my pecs are bursting with excitement” (this said because the album cover shows his shirt stretched across his chest right at the pec level). JP Hoe obviously enjoys what he does, and he seems pretty relaxed in the skin of who he is. And his website is one of the cleanest (and actually up-to-date) sites I’ve seen for someone who does music for a living as an indie artist.

JP reportedly spent the first half of 2011 recording Mannequin, and it’s only this spring that the album is finding release. It’ll be interesting to watch/read reaction to the project, looking back at all the positive reviews Hoe received for his first EPs and album:

-“His blend of melodies and lyrics make for solid and intelligent pop music.” (chartattack)

-“When he burst onto the scene in 2003 with his debut EP, The Here In Review, JP Hoe fast became a critical darling; and his 2007 live album The Live Beta Project only bolstered his next-big-thing status.” (Uptown)

-“…JP Hoe’s original pop songs are like musical heroin; once you get a taste of that sweet, sweet smack, you’ll be itching to come back for more.” (stylus magazine)

So visit his website, or follow these links to some of his videos; I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this is music worth listening to. We can offer you something even better: catch JP Hoe live in concert at Streaming Café on May 26 at 7pm Pacific – either in person at 596 Leon Ave, or online at; either way you’ll be able to see and hear JP live, and you’ll be able to ask him questions directly, one-on-one.

Check out the guy with the short name and the great music. Live on May 26.

A-OK Giveaway! Win Tickets to Wake Owl – May 24th

Vancouver’s Wake Owl is coming back to Kelowna on Thursday May 24th with local artist Windmills as support and Awesome Okanagan wants to pay for your way in. We’re giving away two (2) pairs of tickets to this fine show, all you have to do is tell us your favorite Wake Owl song in the comments and why it means so much to you!

You have until 2pm on Thursday to let us know, get sharing!

Where: Habitat (248 Leon Avenue, Kelowna)
When: Thursday, May 24, 2012 — 8:00pm
How Much: $7 Advance, $10 Door
For: 19+