Fashionate: Frock up your Facebook!

May is a time to dust off your BBQ’s, have your first drinks on the patio, and upload your BEST Frock photo to Facebook! Frock boasts some of the most unique vintage clothing in the whole Okanagan Valley. With contagious energy and her explosive excitement, Kaela, Owner extraordinaire, is constantly inspired by every piece of clothing that comes through the doors of Frock. It a journey through time as she gets visions of women running the country as husbands are off at war, in their 1940’s suits that pass through the doors. Whether it is a gently used Betsy Dress, or a 1920’s clutch the girls at Frock host a mecca of goods that are easily integrated into our modern day wardrobe!

After years of lending her precious goods to local photographers for photoshoots and never seeing the photo’s, Kaela decided it was time she got ahold of those long lost pictures and cooked up the most amazing idea; to host the Spring “Get Frocked” Facebook Photofight. For the entire month of May you can upload your photo to the Frock Facebook page for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to split or keep all to yourself for Frock Clothing, not to mention the awesome party at Habitat at the end of the month! Whether it is one piece, or the entire outfit, purchased or borrowed, the girls at Frock want to see what you have created. If you own a sweet lollie, or a full suit this contest is calling your name, simply dig through your closet and get your creative juices going!

Coco Rocha recently wore one of Elizabeth Taylor’s suits to the Met Gala that she was lucky enough to purchase at an estate auction. Even with a faint wine stain on the front; Vogue Editors expressed their love for this suit and encouraged Coco to wear it regardless of the imperfections. This is a perfect example that every piece of vintage clothing holds a story and when this garment lands in our hands it becomes our responsibility to create a new fabulous story.

The competition is feirce and below are just a few of  the photofight pictures to give you all a glimpse of what you can expect when  you walk through the magical doors of Frock!!

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