Ellison School Turns 100 Years Old

Saturday June 2nd the community of Ellison gathered to celebrate the Ellison School’s 100 year celebration. Former principals, mayors, students and teachers came out in droves to share their stories and experiences of a school/community hall that is the lifeblood of the Ellison area. As you’ll see in the video one of the former teachers from the Ellison school also took the time to show students what a more traditional classroom environment was like. A few of those students seemed a bit perplexed by the strange sounding national anthem (God save the King) and the use of the original tablet device (individual chalk boards).

The 25 year old time capsule was opened a few weeks before the event by the organization committee. Volunteer Jim Klein explained that this was due to the fact that it was buried beneath 3ft of clay and the committee wanted to be able to properly display the content for those in attendance from the community. Still to come is a book that will be produced with the support of the Central Okanagan Foundation that will share more details about the history of the Ellison school.

For more information on the Ellison school please go to ellisonhall.ca

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