Fashionate: Summer’s #1 Staple!

This week I was inspired by all this rain. As we are approaching mid June our heads are wrapped around bikini tops and short shorts. We often forget that mother nature can take her toll and bring us unpleasant gifts; such as down pours of rain, leaving us with a decision of what to WEAR in this weather. My favourite staple this time of year is a crisp bright blazer. Pair it with jeans and a tank or your favourite maxi dress and you will be toasty warm, on cool spring/summer evenings. The fit, cut, and fabric, of your blazer will play a key role in your attire. A cropped blazer with darts will help to give you shape and curves in all the right places. Choose a light material that is not bulky for this fit. A three quarter length sleeve will give the cropped blazer nice proportions for you.

If you are going for a more casual look, perhaps pairing it with leggings and a loose tank; an oversized long blazer would be a great choice. Sharp straight lines will give your blazer a sophisticated look with a relaxed fit. If you want a classic blazer it should sit just below, or on your hips. Darts will draw attention in, creating a slim silhouette.  Remember to move your arms around and make sure you can bend and lift them comfortably, there is nothing worse than having a blazer double as a straight jacket. Don’t be afraid of bright bold colours, and even contrasting colours to what you are wearing underneath. Mint Green is the tone for summer so get a jump start with a cool mint blazer over a floral summer dress, or your favourite pair of coral skinnies and a nude blazer.


Check out your favourite local store, such as Blonde on Bernard for your new summer staple!

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