The Washboard Union to Play in Waterfront Park in Kelowna on Canada Day!

The Waterfront Park in Kelowna is going to be the #1 place to be in the Okanagan for the Canada Day celebrations this year, with huge anticipation of seeing The Washboard Union, an outlaw bluegrass band from Vancouver! The band is comprised of 7 players and 10 instruments including banjo, dojo, guitar, harmonica, fiddle, mando, drums, bass, electric guitar, and YUP!

You guessed it! WASHBOARD!

While on a telephone call to Chris “Dunner” Duncombe, we talked about the debut self titled album that dropped this passed Tuesday (June 26th) with much anticipation. It ain’t evr’day a band gets the opportunity to record their debut album with producers like Garth Richardson and Bob Ezrin. GGGarth is the son of famed producer Jack Richardson (Alice Cooper, The Guess Who) who was highly influential  in the music industry in the 60’s & 70’s. GGGarth himself has produced records by famed musicians like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motley Crue, Rage Against The Machine, The Melvins, and Mudvayne. When I asked Dunner what the experience was like recording at Richardson’s “Farm” in Gibson BC there was no hesitation in him saying, “It was like Disneyland for musicians. It is a 14 acre property out in the country, down a long dirt road. It was great to be away from the pressures of the city or being on the road. To lock yourself in a room, as a band, and just make music. It was magic.”

This album was a long time coming for The Washboard Union, although performing together for upwards of 5 years, this was the first opportunity for them to record their work.  Each of them are enthralled with  storytelling which is incredibly evident in this album, listening to this kind of music makes just me feel like it’s time to hit the road myself.

When the boys met GGGarth Richardson, he was floored by the sound and quality of music they were making and ended up gettin’ in touch with his old pal Bob Ezrin to produce the tune “Half Cree”. You might have heard some of Ezrin’s productions in works by Alice Cooper, KISS, Pink Floyd, Loud Reed, Hanoi Rocks, Roberta Flack, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Julian Lennon, Jane’s Addiction… the list goes on…

If you are in Kelowna for the Canada Day celebrations in Waterfront Park, keep your eyes on these guys. If you are given the opportunity, be sure shake their hands and wish ’em the best!

Watch “Midnight Train”

Watch “Lost & Found”

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