We’ve challenged you to take part in a summer story; one where where we can all contribute to a visual diary of Endless Summer in the Awesome Okanagan. (Find out more about what we want to share with you!) We lovingly refer to this little project by its Twitter hashtag, the #aokendlesssummer.

We’re back with our 3rd Edition of the photos you’ve shared. Catch up on the 1st Edition & 2nd Edition now!

riakitsch observes the sky for a magical moment in the great blue beyond

kristenamy knows one a little hike is worth the payoff here

andrewallenlive takes a time out from his extensive schedule to appreciate the finer things in life

svenniklas captures another awesome thing about the Okanagan, the music!

thirteenshots captures wise words

lbourgo seems to have a really hard time relaxing here in the summer…

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