Fashionate: Purses, Bags and Hot Summer Days

Gone are the days of our mother’s hand bags- Unless it’s a vintage leather satchel of course-. This summer we were greeted with strong structures and show stopping colours for our arm candy.

Generally a woman’s bag, or purse, is a neutral item that can go with almost any outfit and is fit to suit her lifestyle, such as; holding her cell phone, wallet and perhaps a week’s worth of lunches buried in the depths. As fashion as evolved the bag has become a staple piece of a girls wardrobe and this season was no exception.

Staying on track with the neon trend that has blown up the runways, and walkways, bright bags are a must for every girl this summer. One note to remember when choosing your neon bag choose a modest size and shape as the bag colour is already speaking volumes. Perhaps choose a clutch or small shoulder purse paired with a chain to make it look ultra chic.

A personal favourite and great for the many festivals hitting our surrounding areas this summer is the fringed bag! Whether it’s a true Vintage fringe that you picked up from Tweaked and Yummy or Frock; or a brand new leather tote from the shelves of Frakas you will find a fringe to suit your needs. This is a SUMMER STAPLE!

If you are looking to keep things simple this summer reach for the classic neutral satchel bag, they don’t have that large bulky look but have the ability to hold plenty of things, so if you are going from beach party to root top party, your stiletto’s will be waiting.







Many girls are not willing to put the investment into a designer bag because the belief is that it is always on the ground collecting germs. I am the first person to jump at a great deal and I LOVE a great find, I also like to be fabulous at all times so I was introduced to S-clothing this is your name brand headquarters. That is your gently used name brand head quarters! You might be that lucky girl to score a vintage Prada tote or a cool piece of Louis Vuitton  luggage so go often and search thoroughly!

Rock On Okanaganista’s!

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