Fashionate: Top 5 Sunnies of 2012

I think it is safe to say the ENTIRE Okanagan Valley is glad June is over and we have sunshine on our horizon. Many people forget, but protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is so important at any time of year, particularly summer.

A sexy pair of shades ties any outfit together.  Staying on trend with everything fashion, shades for both men and women go hand in hand with the clothes we are wearing today.

Woman’s Top 5 Sunglass trends for 2012 are:

The Cat Eye
When choosing your cat eye sunglasses; try on a few different styles such as, thick and thin frames, and different extremes of cat eye shape. A slight difference will change your look completely






Round frames
This is a hard one to pull off, but if worn properly these are a sexy pair of shades to own. Again choose the size that fits your face. If you feel as though you have a longer or diamond shaped face, these are great choice for you. They pair great with a relaxed denim shirt and shorts or a make dress and fringe vest.






 Coloured or Pattern shades
This is the trend I have noticed prominently in the Okanagan so far this season. Everything from neon pink to floral frames has hit the streets of Kelowna. These tend to be more classically shapes frames to compensate for the drama in the colour and patterns. Although, that is not saying you won’t find a pair of sweet oversized coral shades.  Pair your laid back shades with your favourite bikini and cover up to hit the beach.







70’s inspired- An oldie but a goodie
These are going to be your Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen inspired sunglasses. The bigger the better when it comes to our retro inspired shades. Because of the size and drama of these particular sunglasses I would recommend keeping a classic look with chic slim frames.  These are a personal favourite and I believe can be paired with just about anything. Throw these on for the ‘morning after’ to hide your face or shake out your top not and pair with a LBD for cocktail hour.






Animal Print
Another classic pattern, that never seems to go out of style. You can find everything of in your face bold prints, to subtle soft hints of our furry friends. I love these shades in the half frame style, giving a smart and sophisticated look. Pair with a floral dress or a relaxed pair of your favourite colour blocked combo.

Remember to ALWAYS check your sunglasses are UV protectors and will guard your precious eyes for the sun.

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