In Focus: David Emond

We’ve checked out a few of David’s pictures for Focus Fridays and figured it was a good time to take a closer look. This is solid stuff — whether he’s capturing Okanagan scenes or sharing images from the road, he’s seeing the world with unique skill and a love of beauty.

David’s landscapes seem to invite you in with compelling light and wonderful depth. I was particularly drawn to his expansive wide-angle shots and views of nature. Thankfully, he was kind enough to share his photos and answer a few of our questions about his work.

How long have you been doing photography in the Okanagan?

Although I grew up in Kelowna, I have only been taking photos here since moving back to this beautiful city two years ago.

Favourite locations or subjects in the valley?

I am always on the look out for new subjects but I tend to spend a lot of time in the downtown area whether at the waterfront or just enjoying anything that catches my eye.

Influences or artists/photographers you admire?

I joined flickr 6 months ago and have been blown away by the amount of talent here in the valley and abroad. I get inspired just by looking at the latest posts in the Okanagan. I also enjoy photos by top left pixel, a Toronto-based blog.

What motivates you to take photos?

Photography offers a different way to see and share my experiences with others. I have schizophrenia and so, in some ways, I use photography to fight stigma and create a connecting point with others.

What kinds of responses do you most commonly get when people see your photos?
I tend to get encouraging feedback about my photos and some friends and family start asking questions if I haven’t posted anything new for awhile. It’s nice to know they are anticipating my next post.

Any comments on what types of photographic gear you use and appreciate most?

I use a Nikon D90 with three lenses. My work horse is the 18-105mm. I also have a wide angle (10-20mm) and a 35mm prime lens for low light and artistic shots. I edit with Photoshop — just enough to make the image pop.

Where do you see yourself going with your photography in the next year or two?

In the future, I am hoping to develop my skill at portraits and people photography. I’d love to do more traveling and add a telephoto lens to my kit. But for now, I just enjoy getting out and exploring the beautiful Okanagan!

Thanks to David for sharing his excellent shots and thoughts! For more of his stuff, check out:

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