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Keloha 2012 – Part 2: Saturday, July 7

Part 2 of 4 of a web-series about Keloha Music & Art Festival’s inaugural year. We were backstage with some of Canada (and the world’s) most-talented, emerging artists. The A-OK team literally put blood, sweat and tears into this weekend keeping up with all the activity (and shenanigans) and can’t wait to show you some of what we saw over the weekend.

Part 2 features most of Saturday’s headliners with The Joy Formidable, The Dudes, Dirty Radio and Daniel Wesley. They dig the weather, the stage, their surroundings and, of course, let us know what’s awesome about the Okanagan.

Music by The Joy Formidable, their song “I Don’t Want to See You Like This”
and by The Dudes, their song “Girl Police.”


We’ve challenged you to take part in a summer story; one where where we can all contribute to a visual diary of Endless Summer in the Awesome Okanagan. (Find out more about what we want to share with you!) We lovingly refer to this little project by its Twitter hashtag, the #aokendlesssummer.

We’re back with our 3rd Edition of the photos you’ve shared. Catch up on the 1st Edition & 2nd Edition now!

riakitsch observes the sky for a magical moment in the great blue beyond

kristenamy knows one a little hike is worth the payoff here

andrewallenlive takes a time out from his extensive schedule to appreciate the finer things in life

svenniklas captures another awesome thing about the Okanagan, the music!

thirteenshots captures wise words

lbourgo seems to have a really hard time relaxing here in the summer…

Art at The Roxby Call for Submissions

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Uptown Rutland Business Association is looking for local artists to participate in Art at The Roxby.

Art at The Roxby is a collaborative project with the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan (ARTSCO), Okanagan Arts and Culture (, the City of Kelowna, and the Uptown Rutland Business Association.

For more information—and to register on-line—visit:
Or call the URBA office: (250) 451-9861

Submission deadline is July 22nd to participate for the month of August. This is a juried event.

Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go As Planned

This is not the story that I intended to write. After introducing you to the English Channel Lake Monsters team in my last post, I had planned for this post to be all about my excitement for our first open water race of the season: the Across the Lake Swim.

The Across the Lake Swim (ATLS) is an annual event (currently in its 64th year), where 500+ swimmers of all ages and abilities swim roughly 2.1km from the old ferry docks in West Kelowna to Hot Sands beach in City park. It was to be my first pre-English Channel practice at trying to speed up when it matters (in the English Channel there will be times when we have to speed up to fight the current and to get safely around shipping traffic).

From a personal level, the Across the Lake Swim is the reason that I am swimming today. My New Year’s Resolution in 2011 was to try to swim the ATLS for the first time that summer. I’m not originally from Kelowna so I had not swam it before, but kept hearing that it was a fantastic event to take part in, so I was interested to get back into swimming and try it out. As such, I joined the Okanagan Masters Swim Club (OMSC) to start training.

Thanks to joining the OMSC, I became good friends with fellow swimmers, got in shape, found my competitive side, and eventually ended up on this English Channel team. That New Year’s Resolution to swim the ATLS changed my life.

Last summer, three of my close friends from OMSC and I decided to swim the ATLS as a relay team. Including my current English Channel team mates Paul, and Phred, with the addition of our friend Ashley, we competed as the Fintastic Four. (Relay teams combine their individual times for crossing the lake for an overall team time, last year we came in 7th). This year we planned to swim as the Fintastic Four again, and hoped to move up in the standings.

But instead of swimming I will be watching from the sidelines. Two weeks ago while out wake surfing I got whiplash from a bad wipeout. It meant that I couldn’t move my neck from side-to-side for a week, and now (even though I do have mobility back in my neck), when I tried swimming again for the first time last night I found that it hurt to turn my neck to breathe. If this was the only swimming event planned for the summer I might have swam anyway, but in three weeks our English Channel team is going to attempt the Salish Sea Swim from Sechelt to Nanaimo as a practice run for the Channel. It is more important for me to participate in that swim than to swim the ATLS, even though the ATLS means so much to me.

I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to swim, but I will be cheering loudly for the remaining Fintastic Three (which just doesn’t have the same ring to it) and our other English Channel team mates. If you want to come cheer on my team mates and the other 500+ swimmers, the race starts at 8am this Saturday July 14 and you can cheer people in at the finish line on Hot Sands Beach.

Windmills – Fire

Windmills official music video for the track “Fire” from the album “Keep Moving” directed by Lee Watkins.

Keloha 2012 – Part 1: Friday, July 6

Part 1 of 4 of a web-series about Keloha Music & Art Festival’s inaugural year. We were backstage with some of Canada (and the world’s) most-talented, emerging artists. The A-OK team literally put blood, sweat and tears into this weekend keeping up with all the activity (and shenanigans) and can’t wait to show you some of what we saw over the weekend.

Part 1 features Friday’s headliners Tokyo Police Club & Graffiti6. Pyper talks to them about what made them huge, their favourite part about festival season, and, of course, what’s awesome about the Okanagan.

Music by Tokyo Police Club, their song “Tessellate”
and by Graffiti6, their song “Stone in My Heart.”

The Kelowna Museums Collection Connection – It’s Summer in the Okanagan!

When the sun comes out more often and the days are longer and warmer, the atmosphere in the air changes; we know summer is here. People walk around with smiles on their faces and long to be outside more than indoors.

It is a time when our Agricultural Industries thrives. The blossoming trees start to bear their summer fruit and fresh food is always on the menu. Okanagan Wineries have their light summer whites out for tasting and one can sit and gaze at the fields for what seems to be forever.

Kelowna is lucky to be surrounded by hills filled with hiking routes for beginners as well as the experienced. Mountain bikes, road bikes and motor bikes all enjoy the challenge. Transportation is less about the car and more about scooters, skate boards, roller blades and running shoes.

The Kelowna Public Archives is filled with photos and ephemera of Kelowna visitors and residents having fun in the sun. Having the lake, the center of our community, as the background for regatta, sailing, dragon boat and hydroplane activities is quite the site no matter if the images are in colour or black and white.

Recipe books, catalogues, brochures and event tickets bring back good memories and chronicle our summer activities and remind us of sunny days and warm nights in the Okanagan.

The Vince Bezeau Military Library and Archives also has some interesting materials on summer military activities. Have you ever seen anyone wrestle on a horse? There are plenty of challenges our Military has to face on a daily basis but sometimes fun can be had through competition and outdoor training in the sun, especially if there is a pleasant breeze.

Summer in the Okanagan is such a beautiful time of year, there is lots to do, our industries thrive and we all feel a strong sense of place when the hills are green, the sky is blue and the water is warm. We enjoy having picnics, going to outdoor concerts and the dive-in theater.

 What Are Your Best Summer Memories?

Simon Whitfield Named Flag-Bearer

The Okanagan attracts Olympians. Here is Simon Whitfield, the new flag-bearer for the London 2012 Olympics making a dash into lake Okanagan back in August 2009!

Simon Whitfield here competing in a triathlon in Kelowna in 2009.