Bdice and the Daily 16

Local Hip-Hop artist Bdice created a movement called Daily 16. He took a moment out of every day for the last 365 days to write and record a 16 bar verse to pay dues, challenge and improve himself. He recently finished his last day and with the editing help of E-Say (@SayEsay) and mixing by DJ Invizible (@DjInvizible) he put a bunch of them together into a full-length music video. The result is impressive, and it’s sick to see so many familiar locations in the videos.

Directed By E-Say/Bdice, written/recorded by Bdice.

If the one video isn’t enough for you, you should really check out his YouTube page and go back to the beginning. Or start from the end and work your way back. I don’t care, just watch more of them. Here’s the first 200 to get you started.

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