Fashionate: 7 Days, 7 Different Ways

As a stylist I am always looking for the next best thing when It comes to my hair. From pixie to pink I have had everything. My latest vision was long luscious locks to get me through the Okanagan Summer. One problem; I have hair to my ears and it grows like a snail. When L’Oreal Professional teamed with Gail Betts to introduce the G Wave  I was beyond thrilled! I did an experiment and wore it for seven days in seven different ways to demonstrate how amazing this simple three clip system really is! I had so much fun doing this and it was a great way to inspire a new outfit everyday as well. I found myself trying new clothing combinations with my new hair!

This is my natural length of hair before my G Wave is put in!





Day 1: Not my best work. It was hard to get used to and I wasn’t sure how to pin it in to properly hide my hair, although the non trained eye had NO clue it was fake!




Day 2: I clipped the entire piece on the right side of my head creating a cascading  style to the side. I clipped my natural hair back using bobby pins. I liked this style WAY more than day 1.



Day 3: The moment I had been dreaming of; wearing a TOP KNOT! It may seem crazy but I have never had hair long enough to pull this off! It was not the LHT team favourite though. My baby hairs kept falling out all day! Hair tip: French braid from the nape up to your top knot of you have shorter hair in the back it will give your look a unique twist and help to secure those tiny hairs.


Day 4: This was a LHT team favourite! I clipped my piece to the right side again and simple incorporated my natural hair in with the extensions and make a fun braid that was loosely tied for a relaxed yet chic look.



Day 5: I went for a fun up-do today, another style I have never been able to achieve. Even with longer hair my hair is too fine to pin into a nice up-do. I was thrilled to see how easy it was to pin up and the style stayed for my entire 12 hour shift and then for a night out!



Day 6: The first time I wore it all down. It was 30 degrees outside so it made me nervous but I was able to wear it all day without feeling to hot.



Day 7: This is one of my FAVOURITE ways to wear my Gee Wig. Center part with a low wavy pony. I feel youthful and sophisticated at the same time and I was able to wear it all day at work without fussing and head straight out with the girls. I was inspired by the 70’s with this look.

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