Keloha 2012 – Part 4: Keloha and Goodbye

The 4th and final part of a 4 part web-series about Keloha Music & Art Festival’s inaugural year. We were backstage with some of Canada (and the world’s) most-talented, emerging artists. The A-OK team literally put blood, sweat and tears into this weekend keeping up with all the activity (and shenanigans) and can’t wait to show you some of what we saw over the weekend.

For Part 4 Wet Ape, Pyper & A-OK introduce you to more of the great talent performing the festival including We Are The City, Said the Whale, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, The Pack A.D., The Boom Booms, Thomas Kjorven, Devon Coyote, Kytami (a surprise re-appearance of Hey Ocean!), Rocky Mountain Rebel Music, Jon & Roy and festival founder Scott Emslie. They wax lyrically about the event and how no one can to wait for next year.

Music by Graffiti6, their song “Stare Into the Sun”
and by Cold War Kids, their song “Audience.”

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